Jul 28, 2014

After having a few problems with gallery it should now be up to date with Dominic’s latest appearances. I’ve also found some other images from photoshoots/movies.


Appearances > 2014 > “Stella Artois Wimbledon” 2014 Official Launch Party, London (21/06/14)

Appearances > 2014 > Launch Party To Celebrate “Virgin Atlantic’s New Vivienne Westwood” Uniform Collection, London (01/07/14)

Appearances > 2014 > “Miu Miu Resort Collection” 2015, Paris (05/07/14)

Appearances > 2014 > “Audi International At Guards Polo Club”, Windsor (26/07/14)

Movies & Television > Need For Speed (2014) > Stills

Photoshoots > Session #37

Photoshoots > New York Moves

Jul 24, 2014
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We visit the set of the upcoming vampire film starring Luke Evans, Sarah Gadon and Dominic Cooper.

Jul 18, 2014
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Jul 15, 2014
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Dominic Cooper’s Mehmet has some serious sibling rivalry issues in Dracula Untold. As inspired by the real history of Mehmet II and Vlad III (Luke Evans), also known as Vlad the Impaler, Mehmet becomes enrage when his father takes Vlad in, raises, trains and then favors Vlad over him. Even when Vlad heads off to lead the people of Transylvania and attempt to leave his violent past with the Turks behind, Mehmet is still hell-bent on punishing Vlad, so hits him where it’ll hurt most; if Vlad wants to keep the peace between the Transylvanians and the Turks, he’ll have to give up 1,000 boys to Mehmet’s army, including his very own son (Art Parkinson).

It’s harsh stuff, but while on the film’s Belfast, Ireland set, Cooper admitted, it’s quite fun to play the villain, especially when the villain is so well written. Hit the jump for the details on Mehmet’s resentment, how Cooper mixed the historical facts with his own take on the character, what will make this a standout Dracula film and loads more.

Question: We hear you’re doing a really big stunt today.

DOMINIC COOPER: There’s a big one I’m training to do. In fact, I just tired all my armor on. I’m training to do a big stunt towards the end. I call it a stunt, but it’s a fight. [Laughs] It’s a big, big, big fight between Vlad and myself. You do these things and this always happens and I never learn when you’re doing an action based film is that, you spend weeks learning these fights and then you try on this armor and you realize you can’t move in it, so then the whole thing probably has to be changed. But it’s an incredible costume. It’s a very over-the-top, but beautiful piece of golden armor. It’s all frilly gold and it’s got the Battle of Constantinople on the front of it and on the arms. It’s incredible, but it’s so heavy I can’t move.

Click here to read the interview

Jun 27, 2014
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Jun 9, 2014

Dominic Cooper has played genius inventor Howard Stark — father to high-flying Tony — in both Captain America: The First Avenger and Marvel One Shot: Agent Carter, but a recent interview with Hayley Atwell, who reprises her role as the titular S.H.I.E.L.D. agent in ABC’s new series, Marvel’s Agent Carter, has many fans wondering if Cooper will be reprising his role on the series as well.

“He’s incredibly naughty,” Atwell told The Telegraph of her former co-star, adding, “I’m going to start the pranks as early as I can. He will come up with some very good ones, too.” The U.K. publication took Atwell’s comment to mean that she and Cooper would be reuniting, once again, for the Agent Carter series, which is scheduled to premiere on ABC in 2015.

While both Marvel and ABC had no official comment, BuzzFeed has learned that, at this time, Dominic Cooper is not currently signed on to play Howard Stark on an episodic basis. In fact, no actors aside from Atwell are officially contracted for Agent Carter, as production on the series hasn’t actually begun. Furthermore, there have been no scripts written for the series to date, nor has a pilot been shot.

Read the rest of the article here

Jun 9, 2014
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Yesterday was the day of the Soccer Aid match. You can watch the match here although Dominic only played for about 5 minutes at the end. I’ve also updated the gallery with several photos for you to enjoy.

 Appearances > 2014 > “Soccer Aid” 2014

Dead Man Down
As: Darcy
Release Date: 2013
Status: Released
Director:Niels Arden Oplev
IMDB.com | Photos | Official Website
Summer in February
As: AJ Munnings
Release Date: June 2013
Status: Post-Production
Director: Christopher Menaul
IMDB.com | Photos | Official Website
Reasonable Doubt
As: unknown
Release Date: January 2014
Status: Post-Production
Director: Peter Howitt
IMDB.com | Photos | Official Website
Need For Speed
As: Dino
Release Date: March 2014
Status: Filming
Director: Scott Waugh
IMDB.com | Photos | Official Website
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
As: Howard Stark
Release Date: April 2014
Status: Filming
Director: Anthony Russo & Joe Russo
IMDB.com | Photos | Official Website
As: Unknown
Release Date:August 2014
Status: Pre-Production
Director: Gary Shore
IMDB.com | Photos | Official Website
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