Day: December 23, 2020

2 Trillion Reasons Why the Apple iCar Rumors Will Never Go Away

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Steve Jobs was fascinated by the first Tesla vehicles.

Mladen Antonov/AFP via Getty Images

Given that


has never said a blessed thing about entering the car business, there has been a tremendous amount of discussion about the possibility over the last decade.

“Steve Jobs, if he’d lived, was going to design an iCar,” former Apple (ticker: AAPL) board member—and one-time


CEO—Mickey Drexler said in an interview in 2014. There are threads about Apple’s potential role in the car business going back further than that, and as Drexler notes in the same interview, Jobs was fascinated by the first



The potential for an Apple car resurfaced this week, with a Reuters report asserting that Apple is “moving forward with self-driving car technology” and targeting a 2024 debut for a car that “could include its own breakthrough battery technology.” The story asserts that Apple’s car

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