Day: May 1, 2021

How To Conquer BMW’s Performance Driving School As A Beginner


One of my several shining steeds of the day. Yes, I got to be car No. 3 for Dale.
Photo: Elizabeth Blackstock

There’s a certain pressure when you show up to car-related events as an automotive journalist, and I definitely felt that as I introduced myself to my group at BMW’s Performance Driving School in Thermal, California. We were all about to take on the single-day M Driving School program, and we were coming at it from all different experience levels, since I was basically just crashing a regular ol’ event.

But still. You say you write about cars, and there’s a certain expectation—even though I was sure to preface the situation by noting that I’ve previously had about ten whole minutes of on-track experience.

I was thankful, then, when both BMW’s instructors and my fellow drivers were extremely chill about my status as long-ish-time car journalist but inexperienced

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How the pandemic led to a rental car crisis just as Americans are ready to bust loose

“Usually car rental is an afterthought,” said Benjamin Tuttle, a computer-assisted design programmer from Minnesota, who was taken aback when Hertz quoted him a price of $240 per day to rent a sedan to tour Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park.

The industry backfire illustrates that the post-pandemic recovery, while strong, may not be entirely smooth. As more retail businesses reopen, many report trouble hiring enough workers to cope with surging demand. Manufacturers complain that raw materials are scarce – a semiconductor shortage that hobbled auto production is making it hard for companies like Avis to restock.

“The covid shock was unlike anything we have experienced before. As we go into the recovery phase, we’re going to see friction and disruption in the normal flow of economic activity,” said Kathy Bostjancic, chief U.S. financial economist for Oxford Economics. “It’s going to be a bit erratic and disrupted, but the pace of

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This Is the Most Popular Car in Your State, According to Data

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