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The ten biggest companies in automotive retailing, services industry

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Automotive retailing and services is a massive industry. Primarily, this industry involves two types of players: those that sell replacement automotive parts and accessories, and those that sell new and used vehicles through dealerships or over the internet. Both types of players are affected by macro economic trends, but the impact of macro factors is less severe on automotive parts retailers. Let’s take a look at the ten biggest companies in the automotive retailing, services space.

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Ten Biggest Companies In Automotive Retailing, Services Industry

To rank the ten biggest companies in the automotive retailing, services industry, we have used the revenue figures. Following are the ten biggest companies in the automotive retailing, services industry:

  1. Rush Enterprises ($5,809 million)

Founded in 1965, it is a one-stop solution for the service

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Shopping For A Used Car? So Is Your Local Car Dealership

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Photo: Tim Boyle/Newsmakers (Getty Images)

The used car market is out of control right now. That and more in The Morning Shift for June 14, 2021.

1st Gear: Buying A Car Right Now Sounds Intense

I know a couple people who have bought new cars over the past few months. Both are strong-willed, confident people. They have to be, I think. They also very much did not go used, as demand is currently beyond the pale. Part of the problem is that supplies are low for new cars, and that’s driving even car dealerships to hunt for good used cars in the same places you or I might.

Automotive News spoke to Premier Automotive Group’s dealer principal Troy Duhon, who is reportedly kicking $200 to $400 to salespeople for each used car they pick up, sometimes even on Facebook. It’s becoming a bit of a frenzy.

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