Day: November 11, 2021

Solar Energy

Many of the changes occurring within the automotive market at present, together with tightened credit markets in a capital-intensive trade and increased authorities involvement are the latest international challenges. Diesel gas is similar to heating oil , which is utilized in central heating In Europe, the United States, and Canada, taxes on diesel gas are increased than on heating oil as a result of fuel tax , and in these areas, heating oil is marked with fuel dyes and hint chemical compounds to stop and detect tax fraud “Untaxed” diesel (typically referred to as “off-street diesel” or “red diesel” as a consequence of its purple dye) is obtainable in some nations to be used primarily in agricultural purposes, akin to gas for tractors, leisure and utility vehicles or other noncommercial autos that do not use public roads This fuel could have sulfur levels that exceed the boundaries for highway use … Read More

Car Thieves Treat Themselves To Dodge Challengers and Charger

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Two Dodge Challengers and a Dodge Charger were casually lifted from a car dealership in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Crime is getting worse, just stating the obvious, but automotive crime seems to be completely out of control. Lifting cars from dealership lots isn’t new, but the rate it’s happening is insane, especially considering how low the inventory is on the average car dealership lot. A brazen group of criminals snatched three Dodge muscle cars off a dealer lot like it was child’s play. Surveillance footage was released of the incident, and it shows that crooks are getting very bold.

Watch a Hellcat get stolen in 8 minutes here.

This crime is basically the smash and grab of high-performance Dodges. Officers responded to the scene of the crime around 7:15 am where criminals had smashed through the window of a dealership and grabbed the

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