Day: May 28, 2022

2022 Hertz Ford Shelby Mustang GT500-H First Drive: A 900+HP Rental!

ford mustang-shelby-gt500 Full Overview

Yes, you heard right. Hertz is going to rent a 900-plus-horsepower Mustang GT500 to just about anyone who can swing the rental fee. We took the first 2022 Hertz Ford Shelby Mustang GT500-H for a quick drive to find out whether that’s really a good idea.

Why Does It Exist?

There’s at least precedent for this. Hertz and Shelby first teamed up in 1966 with the GT350-H, which was tuned up to 306 hp instead of 271 hp, a 12 percent increase. When you think about it that way, the 16 percent increase in power between a stock 2022 GT500 and a Hertz Shelby GT500-H seems fairly reasonable … until you remember we’re talking about more than 900 horsepower.

If we’re honest, the GT500 didn’t need more power, but that’s kinda Shelby’s thing. A massive 3.8-liter twin-screw Whipple supercharger with a commensurately upsized intercooler and heat

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Brabus 900 XLP brings back the G-Class pickup truck with 888 hp

Mercedes-Benz no longer offers a G-Class pickup, but prolific tuner Brabus has kept the idea alive.

Brabus unveiled its first G-Class pickup in 2020, and now it’s back with a more powerful version. Called the Brabus 900 XLP, it’s limited to just 10 units.

Fitting the bed involved a 20-inch wheelbase stretch (increasing overall length by 27.1 inches) and design of a new back window, Brabus said in a press release. The bed itself is made from a mix of carbon fiber, composites, and steel, with the latter used for the floor and tailgate.

Brabus 900 XLP Mercedes-Benz G Class pickup truck

Brabus 900 XLP Mercedes-Benz G Class pickup truck

The bed isn’t the only exterior modification. Brabus also fitted the 900 XLP with its Widestar body kit, with fender flares that increase width by 4.6 inches over a stock G-Wagen. They cover Brabus monoblock wheels wrapped in Pirelli Scorpion all-terrain tires. The kit also includes a new

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Fuel For Thought: The dynamics of EV charging and its impacts on the broader electrification of mobility

Automotive Monthly Newsletter and Podcast

The dynamics of EV charging and its impacts on the broader
electrification of mobility


The automotive electrification outlook is an amalgamation of
many intertwined factors from vehicle technologies and
infrastructure availability to consumer sentiments and OEM
partnerships. Many propose this to be a “chicken-and-egg” paradox,
although S&P Global Mobility analysts believe the vehicle
(demand side) and charging stations (supply side) can be, and will
be, developed and deployed largely at the same time. While there
will be momentary shifts toward an oversupply of vehicles or an
excess demand for charging, in the long run an equilibrium will
emerge in most markets globally.

Trends on charging demand and station supply in the
North American market

By now, most OEMs have set their goals and aspirations for
partial or complete battery-electric vehicle (BEV) production,
ranging anywhere from 2030 through 2050. While the

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Memorial Day weekend car shopping is ‘looking pretty bleak’

Bloomberg | Bloomberg | Getty Images

One of the best car-shopping weekends prepandemic is more of a dud these days.

Amid the auto industry’s manufacturing challenges due to persisting supply-chain issues, Memorial Day sales are generally minimal to nonexistent this year.

“It’s looking pretty bleak, to be straightforward about it,” said Ivan Drury, senior manager of insights for Edmunds. “It’s getting harder and harder for people to get a new car with the features they want at the price they’re willing to pay.” 

The average amount paid for new car is more than $45,200, up 18.7% from a year ago, according to a joint forecast from J.D. Power and LMC Automotive. Buyers are paying about $700 above sticker price on average, Drury said.

At the same time, the average incentive offered by dealers has dropped to an all-time low of $1,034, compared with $2,996 a year ago, the J.D. Power/LMC

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