2024 Ford Mustang Front End Leaks Twice, Reveals S650 Face


How many leaked images of a very similar-looking front end do we need to see to call it? Two seems like a nice number. You’re looking at the next front end of Ford’s long-running pony car: the 2024 Ford Mustang. We have seen two leaked images of different ’24 Mustangs, one provided by Steeda and one by FordAuthority.com.

Compared to the current car, the ’24 adopts a blockier appearance, with headlights that trade some angular aggression for a more horizontal and rectilinear arrangement that houses three individual light elements. The sides of the classic corral grille are more upright, and the lower fascia is more open, with squared-off lower intakes. We lighted up the shots found by FordAuthority to provide a little more detail. This appears to be a lower-end model.  

Image Credit: FordAuthority

Meanwhile, the one spotted by Steeda (and also FordAuthority) shows a sportier model, with much larger intakes in the lower fascia, what appears to be a more protruding grille surround, and a low, flat hood scoop. It seems to be the GT model, but we’re not entirely sure. The grille also adopts some vertical “blades” in the grille.

We know a few tantalizing bits about this upcoming “S650” Mustang. For one, a leaked but seemingly legit LinkedIn profile from a Ford engineer reveals that both the 2.4-liter EcoBoost I-4 and the 5.0-liter V-8 will receive some form of hybridization. This could bring radical changes to the historically rear-drive pony car, perhaps driving the front axle via electric motor(s). That said, patents don’t always have production intent, so it remains to be seen. It seems equally probable that the hybrid Mustangs will adopt a mild system, similar to what Mercedes-Benz does on some of its otherwise gas-powered models, or, as is likely, it’ll adapt some version of the hybrid setup available in the F-150 pickup (an electric motor between the engine and transmission).

Whatever the 2024 Mustang brings to the table, it sure looks like a traditional pony car to us—and its iconic V-8 is sticking around, too.

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