7 Automotive Business Ideas You Can Start in 2021

Do you love cars and want to turn your passion into a business? If so, then check out this list of best automobile business ideas to start in 2021. These car business ideas can get you on the way to making some extra money, or they may even lead to a full-time income. So look through our list and see what appeals to you.

1.  Car Sales

The automotive market is still one of the largest in the world, and over six hundred billion dollars are spent annually on new and used cars. Therefore, car Sales represent an excellent opportunity for an auto-related business. All you need is to find a few great cars to sell, detail them, do some online marketing, and presto, you’ve got a fantastic car business.

2.  Car Buying Agent

If you’re short on cash and can’t make a significant investment, you might want to become a buying agent. Car collectors or buyers can hire knowledgeable buying ages to find the vehicle they want. Here you can use your passion for cars and your knowledge to create a business.

Car collectors are not the only type of people who use agents. Families looking for an RV or an off-road vehicle, businesses looking for certain Fleet types of cars can also be your customer. All you have to do is promote your business online, through word of mouth, and on social media to find your first customers.

3.  Car Hire

It’s very easy to find a formal car hire in Sydney, Australia. Still, it is a 92 billion dollar industry, and People from all walks of life need car hires all the time. So if your area receives tourists, business travellers, or has a large community of students, this could be an excellent automotive business opportunity for you.

4.  Automotive Design

If you have drafting skills, engineering skills, and are artistically inclined, you could design car wraps, websites about cars, or even new car prototypes. Auto magazines, advertising agencies, and dealerships are always looking for this professional service.

5.  Car Accessories

Some significant opportunities lie in-car accessory sales. Sell accessories for appearance, sound systems, and to improve speed. You can create an online store, sell at car shows, or in a store. It’s all a matter of how you want to start your business, but one of the easiest ways is to promote it in an online store. You can either use a drop shipping company or purchase your inventory.

6.  Car Customization

People spend billions of dollars every year on customizing their cars. Customizations range from electric conversions to speed upgrades to appearance upgrades. If you like customizing automobiles, you can start a business in this area.

7.  Mobile Repair Shop Mechanic

Car mechanics are among the most sought-after type of business. It’s an essential service. So you can start something like a mobile oil change and maintenance service or a mobile mechanic service. Keep in mind that people want convenience nowadays they would rather have someone come to them than have to go to the place of business.


In the car industry, there are many different types of businesses. They range from car sales to car detailing and everything in between. You need to determine your budget and decide on the best course of action for your needs

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