Automotive Experts Release Car Brake Calipers, Rotors Replacement Guide

Many vehicles have been parked in the garage or driven limited miles over the past year. Do-it-yourselfers can save thousands of dollars by inspecting, maintaining, and replacing their vehicle’s braking system themselves.

Today’s vehicles face two threats this winter — vehicles have been parked for months leading to degraded brake elements, and winter driving conditions with brined streets can cause corrosion in the brake system. But by doing the brake system inspection and replacement themselves, drivers can save thousands of dollars.

Now is a great time to inspect the various parts of the braking system, before the vehicle’s usage increases.

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The automotive experts at Goodyear Brakes offer some tips for maintaining your vehicle’s braking system, as well as advanced solutions for addressing any issues. The new line of Goodyear Brakes provides premium quality brake kits, calipers, rotors, brake pads and all the hardware for today’s most popular vehicles, from daily drivers to SUVs as well as light trucks. This brake line is backed by a national warranty, decades of production experience and one of the best-known names in automotive excellence. The Goodyear Brakes product lineup offers the ideal solution for almost every braking need – whether drivers are looking to save money on their vehicle repairs, upgrade their performance or restore their perfect car.

“These are things you can do yourself and save thousands of dollars,” said Lauren Fix, host of Car Coach Reports and automotive analyst. “The key is to get top-quality, name-brands, like Goodyear Brakes components. The rotors and calipers are coated in a special material, so they last longer.”

Inspecting Brake Calipers

A car’s , but they do not last forever. They need periodic servicing. The best time to give them a thorough inspection is when servicing the brake pads.

After removing the hubcap but before replacing the brake pads, detach the calipers and inspect them for wear and tear. Calipers are subject to a great deal of corrosion, and rust often builds up on the surface. To prevent the piston from sticking and causing difficulties with braking, clean off any rust with steel wool before it penetrates to deeper layers of the brake assembly.

High-performance Goodyear Brakes calipers are built using exacting standards to match original equipment manufacturer (OEM) requirements and provide exceptional longevity, reliability, and environmental responsibility. Every Goodyear Brakes caliper comes with the correct brackets and hardware to ensure a perfect installation. Goodyear Brake calipers come fully coated with the proprietary Antiox Max coating for maximum rust and corrosion protection.

The piston seals on the calipers are made of rubber and are particularly vulnerable to corrosion. Over time, the rubber hardens and can flake or develop holes. This can cause a brake fluid leak. If the piston seals are leaky or corroded, replace the entire caliper assembly as soon as possible.

Checking Brake Rotors

It’s important to . If the rotors are unable to distribute heat evenly, they’ll develop spotting and ringing around thermal hotspots. If the calipers have been wearing on them improperly, uneven braking pressure can cause “dishing,” where the rotor becomes concave on one side. As with other metal parts in the brake assembly, rotors are subject to corrosion.

After opening the assembly, thoroughly inspect the rotors for signs of any problems. If they’re damaged or worn down, detach the rotor from the wheel studs. If there’s extensive rust buildup, give it a whack with a hammer to loosen it. Then swap in a new rotor and replace the assembly.

High-performance Goodyear Brakes rotors use the most advanced machining technology to build maximum performance, durability, and safety into every rotor. Every rotor is CNC-machined to exact specifications to ensure efficient braking and quiet smooth operation and is 100 percent balance tested to eliminate vibration and enhance product life. Every rotor receives Goodyear Brake’s proprietary Antiox Max coating for maximum rust and corrosion protection, a critical protection needed for driving in inclement weather and brine-treated streets.

Winter driving conditions and brined streets mean that brakes are especially susceptible to wear and tear. Now is an excellent time to give the brake assembly a thorough inspection.

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Goodyear Brakes manufactures premium quality brake bundles, calipers, rotors, brake pads and all the hardware required to successfully install brakes, all backed by a national warranty, decades of production experience and one of the best-known names in automotive excellence. The brake pads are manufactured in the USA using a proprietary green production process by a company with more than 50 years of experience in friction science. The Goodyear Brakes product line is available through at Amazon, CarID, Buy Brakes and AutoAnything.

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