Bucket Trucks For Sale – High Competition, Who Do You Trust?


Aerial lift equipment such as a boom truck or bucket truck can be pretty expensive. If you have a business that deals with telephone lines, construction, tree cutting or moving services, or even a business with a very tall sign out front, chances are eventually, you’ll need some type of bucket or boom truck. For businesses dealing with occasional changing of their street signs, it would be best to rent. If you are doing work such as moving heavy things, trimming trees or the like, it would probably be more efficient to buy. Consider it a business investment with great returns. Owning your own equipment can be of great benefit to you. It’s most often to buy used trucks as new one are typically too expensive for your average business owner. When you are buying one of these pieces of equipment, you want to be sure you won’t be buying a lemon.

With all the competition between dealers in the industry, you can get caught up in flight-by-night claims of discounts or free shipping when really the dealer is probably inflating the price in the first place. Do thorough research before you jump into buying a bucket truck or boom truck. There are several aspects to take into consideration that a lot people forget until after they have already purchased. These aspects can include inspections, certifications and even operation of the boom or lift.

Before you buy, you should make sure the equipment is up-to-date on the DOT inspection. Not only should it have been inspected by a certified DOT inspector, but also, it is a good idea to take the truck to your trusted diesel mechanic to have it inspected by them too. You can never be too safe when it comes to finding a working, good quality truck. If you don’t find out until after you buy that there are problems, then you could end up spending as much to fix the issue as you paid for it in the first place.

It’s also a wise idea to work the boom or get in the bucket and extend it to its highest point. Rotate it, move it up and down, and test it out for a while. You don’t want to get it home and out that it doesn’t work or have it break on the first time you use it. Test drive the truck so you can get a feel for how everything is checking out in the engine.

There are few dealers that care about their customers. When you find one, stick with them. They’ll be around to provide you with quality equipment year after year. Many dealers will even ship a bucket truck to you, so don’t buy something you don’t want just because its close to you.

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