Canister Vacuum Cleaner – A Great Machine


Shopping for a new household also have an item that is very essential for cleaning dust and cleaning floors known as a vacuum cleaner. A lot of models have been introduced as per the requirements of the customers. There are two kinds available in the market as follows: Canister and Upright

Canister Cleaners are one of a great machine available in the market in different designs and colors. These vacuum cleaners are available in various designs with the inclusion of various tools that can help in cleaning carpet, floors, stairs and hangings etc. They are also very light weight easy to carry along. They are famous for providing you with ample cleaning facility with excellent quality, reliability, performance and important of all with Hepa filters.

When shopping for a vacuum you must keep in mind that what sort of job you are requiring from your vacuum whether you want a full house clean each day or not. If you are planning for maximum usage then you might consider the size and weight and Canister is the best option for you then because it also has some extra enhancement with them for different purpose usage.

The famous models in these vacuum cleaners are as follows:

S4212 Polaris Canister

Polaris having the following specifications:

Optional Genuine HEPA filters

1200 watt Powerful Miele Vortex motor

Electric control speed

10 lbs in weight

Enhancements including – dusting brush, upholstery tool and fissure nozzle

The performance depends on the suction ability that is also dependent on the power of the motor. If the power of the motor is high then it means better quality cleaning in less time. Cleaning dust from the edges and gaps powerful suction motor is required.

EL 7020B Oxy3 Ultra Canister

Favorable for conventional floors

Authority on carpeted floors

HEPA filters

12 amp powerful motor

Contains crack, dusting and upholstery utensils

Indicator light blinking ability when bag needs cleaning

Many people are very concerned about the quality of the vacuum in suction of the dust. When it comes to health Hepa filters are famous for protection from dust particles up to 0.3 microns.

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