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Vancouver still has the most bike thefts per capita among major Canadian cities, despite efforts

a person riding a bicycle on a city street: A man holds onto a second bicycle while riding down a street in Vancouver last summer.

© Ben Nelms/CBC News
A man holds onto a second bicycle while riding down a street in Vancouver last summer.

Laura Fortey thought she and her partner did everything they could to protect their bicycles. 

But last weekend their bicycles were stolen from a gated parking garage in their Kitsilano apartment building in Vancouver even though they were locked to a bolt on the wall.

“I was quite shocked it was taken from right under my nose,” said Fortey.

And their story isn’t unique.

Despite a focused effort by local law enforcement to reduce thefts, Vancouver continues to have the highest rate of bicycle theft per capita out of any major city in Canada, according to data compiled by CBC News.

Thanks to the city’s climate and bike culture, an influx of new bikers during to the pandemic, and owners who don’t take the necessary precautions to keep their bikes

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The Ann And Roy Butler Hike And Bike Trail Has Been Nominated For Best Recreational Trail In The USA Today.

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Photo By: Mark Butler

The Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail has been nominated for Best Recreational Trail in the USA Today 10Best Readers’ Choice Travel Awards.

10Best Editors worked with a panel of urban planning experts to nominate 20 of the best recreational trails in the country., and drum roll, please…The Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail made the list!

You can vote once per day until polls close on Monday, February 15, 2021. The 10 winning trails, determined by your vote, will be announced on Friday, February 26, 2021.

The Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail is already top 5.

About The Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail

This 10-mile hike-and-bike trail forms a loop around Lady Bird Lake. The scenic trail

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Best Bike Helmets | Cycling Helmets 2021

The first step in buying a helmet is determining how you will use it. If you like rowdy trails and big air, consider either a trail or enduro model, which will have greater protection for the back of your head than a road-style helmet, which tends to prioritize ventilation and weight over added side and back protection.

Downhill helmets have chin bars—some of which are removable—for even more protection. Road and cross-country (XC) mountain bike helmets are light and extremely well-ventilated, but may lack the added protection of trail helmets. They typically do not have a visor or are designed to accommodate goggles.

Some helmets are designed with commuters in mind. They tend to be a little tougher, to stand up to the rough and tumble abuse that typifies urban use, and often have features like light clips, or even built-in lighting. They usually have slightly less ventilation than road

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Portland cycling club earns national honor as ‘Best Community Builder’

The Club Roule in Washington Park.
(Photo © Bob Huff Photo 2019)

“You don’t actually build a community if you’re constantly trying to appeal to the same group of people and rehashing the same ideas in slightly different packaging.”
— Paul Wroblewski, founder

One benefit of cycling that’s often overlooked is how it can build community — something that has gained even more value during this year of social restrictions and isolation. Earlier this week Portland-based The Club Roule was recognized by USA Cycling, the sport’s national sanctioning body, as “Best Community Builder” for 2020.

“The Club Roule used the adversity that we all faced this past year as a catalyst for change to build a more well-rounded community in the Pacific Northwest. Turning strangers into friends, supporting local businesses through Community Partnerships, and supporting the growth of the sport by encouraging cyclists of all abilities to ride together and

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