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GM All-Electric Pickup Truck Will Be On The Road In 2021

It’s no secret that trucks are hot right now. And the notion of, and desire for, an electric pickup has ramped up in ways never before thought possible. The loudest noise maker in the space is obviously Tesla and Elon Musk’s cyber monstrosity. Thanks in part to Tesla, however, and their fabulous marketing machine the public’s perception of electric vehicles has finally started to shift to a point where it might just be possible for an automaker to be successful with an all-electric pickup.

Both Ford and General Motors have been up front in their ambition to bring a mass-produced electric truck to market. Ford has even gone toe-to-toe in marketing rhetoric against Tesla by staging a stunt where an electric F-150 pulled a train. GM has been a little more reserved, however company President Mark Reuss made a big announcement about the future of the company’s electric pickup

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Nikola Refuse Garbage Truck Announced, 2,500 Orders Placed

*****Update, December 28, 2020: Nikola and Republic Services (NYSE: RSG) have discontinued their collaboration on refuse truck development.*****

Will this be the coolest—and quietest—garbage truck in the world? Perhaps—but we’ll believe it when we actually see it. Nikola, whose most notable contribution to the pickup-truck world thus far is the hydrogen fuel-cell Nikola Badger, is now dabbling in the dirty business of trash collection with its Nikola Refuse battery-electric garbage truck. Nikola, which is shooting for dominance in the zero-emissions heavy truck market, sees waste as a stable business and has received an order of 2,500 electrified Nikola Refuse trash trucks from Republic Services, the second largest recycling and solid waste provider in the U.S. The order is expandable up to 5,000.

Claiming about three times the power (up to 1,000 horsepower), Nikola expects its Nikola Refuse to outperform its diesel and natural-gas competition—not to mention the zero-emissions perk of

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Bollinger Drops First Official Photo of Interior

We’ve been following the developments at Bollinger Motors carefully over the last year and have discovered some delightful developments such as a portal axle drivetrain, enormous ground clearance, and refreshingly utilitarian packaging and styling. Today, we get our first look at where drivers of the future EV “sport utility truck” will be spending most of their time. Unlike many modern automotive interiors, where occupants are wowed with oversized touchscreens and flashy graphics, The Bollinger’s interior is decidedly minimalist. Gauges consist of a speedometer, tachometer, battery state of charge, and a multi-function text display to the left, which in the sample photo simply reads “Ready.”

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  |   Bollinger Chassis Horizontal

There are a few other simple lights on the dash, presumably for turn signals and warning lights. Below that are simple pull-knobs for controlling the HVAC, wipers, headlights, and rear differential lock. In the middle is a minimalist audio controller

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The Work Trucks of Iditarod

Talk to an Iditarod musher and they’ll wax on about their dogs. Dogs, in fact, are the true heroes of the legendary sled dog race known as The Last Great Race on Earth. The Iditarod attracts the most famous names in the sport to contend in a race against time and extreme arctic winter conditions, on a trail of more than 1,000 miles over some of the most remote and severe wilderness terrain in the nation. Televised around the globe, the Iditarod is the most popular sporting event in Alaska. Committed to traditional culture and the preservation of this historical race, it traces its roots to the most famous event in Alaskan mushing. The “Great Race of Mercy” was the 1925 dog-relay run from Seward to Nome to deliver serum, when a diphtheria epidemic threatened this isolated town, located on the edge of the Bering Sea. Today, the race travels

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