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This pony is a beast!

Lately there’s been a lot of talk about Joe Rogan and horses, which I don’t really understand. Maybe it’s that everyone’s excited about this beastly pony car of his, a 1969 Chevy Camaro built by Roadster Shop. If that’s what all the hubbub is about, I get it, because there’s plenty to be excited about with this restomod muscle car.

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First and foremost, the Roadster Shop went big with this build by throwing in an LSA V8 built by Wegner Automotive. With 860-horsepower on tap, this powerplant really moves the ’69 Camaro in wicked ways.

Among the many styling changes is a unique front fascia, thanks in part to the tucked and smoothed bumper, a custom piece which showcases modern lines on the classic muscle car. Below that is a hand-fabricated lower spoiler, adding an aggressive edge. In addition, those 7-inch headlights are LEDs and are paired with custom LED turn signals. You might not guess those side mirrors were made using a 3D printer and that’s a good thing. They’re appropriately subtle, letting the rest of the exterior shine instead of trying to steal the show.

Moving to the full custom interior, it was installed by Avant-Garde Design of Palm City, Florida and offers an interesting blend of the modern and classic, just like the exterior. The driver and passenger enjoy Recaro Expert Seats with a custom upholstery applied. Corbeau harnesses hold them in place, while the driver references easy-to-read Dakota Digital Gauges. Backlit and machined dash trim add a cool aura to the space, especially at night.

Under the skin is a SPEC Series chassis, a bolt-in solution engineered for both comfortable ride quality and performance handling. Further enhancing the driver’s experience are Baer 6-piston Pro+ Brakes, providing plenty of stopping power for even this machine. The whole thing rolls on HRE P101SC wheels which are 19×12 inches for the rear and 18×9 inches for the front. They help give this beast just the right aggressive stance without being over-the-top.

Rogan’s trusty steed has a mean tone to it, which you can hear in the included video. The Roadster Shop put together a trailer which beats just about anything coming out of Hollywood these days, which honestly isn’t too hard. It’s quite entertaining to watch and will get the blood pumping.

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