eBay Selling Tips – How to Make Serious Money on eBay


There are many eBay selling tips on the internet today, as it seems everybody has their own idea of what it takes to have a successful auction.

The truth is that while there is a lot of good info out there, some things are more important than others and will make the biggest difference as to whether or not you are successful. Without further adieu, here is what it takes to have a successful home business on this ever popular site.

Avoid negative feedback

Getting negative feedback will cause people to think twice about buying from you, and very likely could be the death of your business. If you get too much negative feedback than you will have to get a new user ID and start rebuilding your feedback from scratch which can take a long, long time.

The RIGHT way to do an auction

That brings us to one of the most important eBay selling tips-setting up your auctions. How should you format them for best results? First, make sure they are simple and professional; all too many people go for loud and vibrant fonts and colors, and all this does is give it an amateurish appearance.

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t employ good marketing techniques, and I’m all for bold print and strong compelling headlines; just make sure it’s not overdone. Putting your listing in the best category is imperative to your success, and this will affect how much traffic you get.

The title is everything

Most importantly, don’t forget to include your keywords in the title and listing, which this is probably the most critical feature of getting traffic.

eBay estimates that roughly 90% percent of their visitors use the search box as opposed to the category listing when looking for items, so using your keywords in your title will determine if your auction will show up or not and is perhaps more important than all the other eBay selling tips.

Price formats

Of course, the other big issue is price; what how much should you charge for your items? Also, should you do a buy it now auction, a bidding auction, or combine both?

I wish there was one definitive answer, but the only way to know for sure is to test out difference price points and formats; you might have one auction in a bid format, another one with a bid format with a buy it now price, and several auctions with just buy it now prices at different numbers. The only way to know which will work is to test, as it will be different from niche to niche.

Shipping and handling

Make sure to charge the real amounts for shipping and handling. All too many people sell their items for ridiculously cheap prices and have exorbitant fees or shipping, which is where they make all their money. Avoid doing this, as it’s not honest and is a turn off to potential buyers.

However, likewise underselling the shipping costs can actually really eat into your profits. Having the accurate shipping price is important both to maintain your profit levels and also to avoid negative feedback. These are some of the more important eBay selling tips to get your business off the ground.

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