How Greed Slowed Our Evolution: The Tesla Story


Being raised in the capitalist nation of America, I am sure it is hard to imagine that having money or doing work just for the sake of gaining more, could somehow slow the evolution process. We are hardwired to think the opposite. Well. . . it in fact has! I did a little research so you do not necessarily have to. Thank me later. For now, let me elaborate. The middle school I attended, if history would have gotten it right, should have been named “Jardine Telsa Junior Academy” oppose to an “Edison” academy. “Tesla” of course, coming from the man who possessed one of the greatest minds that has ever walked the surface of this planet. Nikola Tesla’s time is now!

Tesla was the genius at the forefront of making AC electricity (Alternating Current) a major part of our lives. Which rivaled fellow inventor, Thomas Edison’s DC electricity (Direct Current). As the history reads on this matter, it was more of a one sided rivalry. A humble man in Tesla, who’s main goal in life was to harness the Earth’s natural energy by tapping into the right frequencies (Wardenclyffe Tower). In doing so, he could generate free/sustainable power to supply the entire world!Vs. A greed driven mad man, in Edison, who’s only goal was fame and fortune. Which he would maintain at any cost. Thomas Edison would go as far as killing large animals, in front of crowds, as propaganda. He once fried an elephant to try and prove Tesla’s AC electricity was too dangerous. The most sickening of all his smear campaigns was, the execution of William Kemmler (First death by the electric chair). Which was basically an experiment to prove what AC electricity would do to a human. In hopes it would deem his conclusions on alternating currents to be fact. Thomas Edison knew of Tesla’s genius as well as his humble nature. Being the opportunist he was, Edison took full advantage of it. Hiring Tesla (years before the smear campaigns) to fix the motors that powered his DC version of electricity. Tesla was told he would be paid $50,000 U.S. Dollars if he was able to fix the motors at Edison’s plant. After Tesla successfully completed the job, Edison told him it was just a joke and would not pay him the money. Which lead to Nikola Tesla’s inevitable resignation from Edison’s company.

Edison was known for stealing Tesla’s ideas amongst many others and passing them off as his own. I. e X- ray photos. Mr. Edison, in retrospect, seemed to be some what of a patent whore. He had an understanding of patenting ideas that far surpassed his counterparts. Which allowed him to hire some of the greatest minds of his time, just to patent THEIR inventions. Thomas Edison was not alone when it came to taking advantage of Tesla’s good natured soul. Shortly after he parted ways with Edison’s company, he was approached by a couple of Investors. Alfred S. Brown (Leader of West. Union) as well as Charles Peck (New York Attorney). The two men believed in Tesla’s AC current electricity and wanted to fund “Tesla Electric Company”. Which he would gain ownership of after agreeing to split half of his patent rights for his AC system. In exchange for funding. This being his second shot at his own electric company. The first company being “Tesla Electric Light Company” which he was eventually forced out of. Left with nothing but a worthless stock certificate. See a pattern yet?

Nikola was finally becoming the successful businessman he wanted to be. So it seemed. He eventually sold his patent for his AC motor to George Westinghouse for $25,000 cash/$50,000 in notes + royalties. At this point (1890) Tesla was ready to move on to his next big invention, which was fueled by his discovery of “wireless power”. With his fame on the rise and his brand bigger than ever, that struck fear in his adversaries. Que the smear campaigns aforementioned. Which were also directed at Tesla’s partner Westinghouse. At the peak of all the chaos plus the inability to come up with a better design for his current AC system. Westinghouse eventually folded. He backed out of the Tesla project (funding) and some how was able to get Nikola to re construct the contract that once paid him royalties ($2.50 per horse power generated by each motor).

As the trend of Tesla being a genius engineer but lacking the greed driven nature to be a successful business man continued. He would go onto invent or discover many of sciences greatest findings. Ones that help us in every day life. Even in this generation. I believe he was so far ahead of his time that his discoveries will continue to help unleash the natural powers of this universe for years to come. Some of his most successful business ventures were “The Niagra Falls Power Co. “Unfortunately his contributions are masked by the Westinghouse insignia. His most well as his “Tesla Coil”But the one he never not got to see come to fruition and what became Nikola Tesla’s obsession in life, Wardenclyffe. The Tower that would tap into all the natural energy that circulates around our planet, to redistribute it as free energy. Just by redirecting natural frequencies. The project received plenty of funding in the beginning but once J.P Morgan (Main Funder) caught wind that is was being built to generate FREE electricity, he backed out. If it couldn’t be gauged for profit, it was no use to a business man. Only a good man would do what’s right for the betterment of humanity. J.P Morgan and many other “business” men of that time were not that. The tower production eventually came to a halt that never re gained momentum. After Tesla’s death the FBI went into his New York hotel suite and stole all of his work. Some believe Wardenclyffe Tower’s technology is known today as H.A.A.R.P. The weather controlling program that uses frequency alteration to manipulate weather patterns.

If the point of this article was to inform you of all the great things Nikola Tesla discovered I could keep going. The man was behind so many amazing projects. Some projects so far ahead of his time, folks like Steve Jobs had to finish it for him. I encourage you to Google him yourself. The main purpose of writing this piece though, was to shed light on the idea that greed may be slowing our evolution. Imagine if funding never slowed Tesla down. How far would he have gotten?Would we have outrageous energy bills like we have today?Imagine if all the other men who came up with genius inventions actually got their proper dues. Instead, they were overlooked because a better business man beat them to the patent. I am sure this has happened repeatedly in history. Greed rears it’s ugly face. A true superhuman nearly left out of the history books because he didn’t patent thousands of ideas that weren’t his own. How often did you hear about Edison growing up? History seems to favor the ones with the most money. Which is a travesty in itself. The idea and purpose of money is to keep control. Which in recent history has worked out well for a certain 1%. For the rest of the genius minds out there? We’re forced to live lives that don’t always allow us to tap into our own natural abilities. All for the sake of capitalism. It was fun while it lasted but don’t you see the time is now! We need a new monetary system. One that doesn’t hold true genius back.

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