How to Protect Your Car from Hailstorm Damage

How to protect your car from hail | AccuWeather

Have you ever been caught in a hailstorm? How did it feel? Those little balls of ice falling are painful on the skin, right? It has the same effect on cars. Adverse weather conditions like hail can damage your car’s paintwork. Want to polish your car? Visit review sites like to read customer opinions on the car polishes in the market. 

Engines may be the most important thing about a car, but having a glossy car is also a big plus. Protecting your car from hail will go a long way in ensuring that the paintwork retains its shine. Check out reviews of car hail protectors online. 

This article will look at ways by which you can protect your car in the event of a hailstorm. 

One of the surest ways to protect your car against hail is to park your car in your garage. Not everybody enjoys this luxury, of course, and sometimes you may be caught in the storm. There are other options to consider if you don’t own a personal garage. Let us look at them:

  • Visit a Detailer

The detailer’s job is to ensure that your car maintains its gloss. They do this by polishing and waxing the car. But most car detailing companies offer extra services like ceramic coating and application of paint protection film (PPF). 

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a thin film that serves as an added coat to your car. This is especially useful because unlike the others listed above that only serve parked cars, PPF will protect your car if you drive through a hailstorm. 

  • Rent a carport

Not all apartments have garages. Renting a carport can be a cost-effective alternative for protecting your car in case of a heavy hailstorm. But note that a carport doesn’t mean all is safe and dry. Some carport roofs are not wide enough, and even when they are, hailstones sometimes fall at an angle. You can, however, park at the center of the port to avoid this. 

  • Get a car cover 

A car cover is a cheaper and more flexible alternative when compared to renting a carport or setting up a full garage. You can search online web stores for car covers that are suited to your car specifications in terms of size and make. 

Car covers are thick and padded and require little technical skill to apply. Whenever there is a hailstorm, all you need to do is throw it on. It could also protect your car from the scorch of the sun. 

  • Follow Weather Updates 

The best way to prevent your car from being damaged in a hailstorm is to avoid a hailstorm. People take weather forecasts with a pinch of salt. Although the forecasts are not 100% accurate, they have improved over the years. Stay abreast with the local weather news. 

Protecting your car from hail will ensure that your car looks as good as new for a long time. Your car is an extension of your person. So, it will speak well of you if your car is well maintained and will also increase the car’s resale value. 

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