Iconic Car Customizer Showed His Car Collection In A Youtube Premiere

Renowned car customizer, Gene Winfield shared his custom designs during Mojave Shop Tour. He is well-known for his works in Hollywood films like Batman, Star Trek, and Blade Runner.

The members of the Petersen Automotive Museum explored Winfield’s shop and looked into some of his custom builds in the latest Youtube Premiere. His work isn’t only limited to cars, but also props and set design for Hollywood films.

Winfield is 94-years old who made a name for himself in classic car restorations and hot rodding culture. His workshop, museum, and safehouse are all located in the Mojave Desert.

His home is like a small-size art gallery that includes a wide range of collections such as model cars, guitars, art pieces, vintage automotive signs, and trophies. Also, Winfield is a huge Star Trek fan, where he dedicated an entire room for props, set designs, and the legendary captain’s chair.

Coming to Jupiter 8, an artist created the design to meet the client’s demands. It’s Winfield who gave life to the drawing and fabricated the car from aluminum. He modified the car’s design by extending the top and bottom of the layback seats with fiberglass.


Initially, Jupiter 8 was built for a customer, but Winfield bought it back from him. He even took it for a ride in Beverly Hills. Later, it opened the doors to Hollywood for him, as he visited many film studios in Los Angeles.

On the other hand, Strip Star is the fastest of all his cars, hence referred to as ‘Drag Star’. Winfield claimed that it reaches the top speed of 240 mph.

Just like the Jupiter 8, this car was also built for a client but, Winfield decided to buy it back. The Strip Star was also appeared in the Hollywood blockbuster, Back To The Future.