Insane Collection Of Unique Cars On Hot Rod Hoarders

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Denny George has been collecting cars for a long time!

Hoarders are a funny bunch, they spend their whole lives collecting items that most people wouldn’t dream of ever wanting. It’s easy to sit down and laugh at the hoarders we see on reality TV shows such as Hoarders. However, what if it happened to us? Well, that is the subject of our next story as we delve into the realm of old forgotten dirt boxes as well as pristine drag cars.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with having this many cars, especially when your entire life revolves around the automotive experience. However, it should be fun to see the relics of a time when cars were designed to bring emotion and personality to the table rather than cold black tech.

First up we have a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air with a frame from a Buick Regal and an entirely custom fiberglass body, it also sports a massive blower that connects to a down-right beautiful big block motor. Moving again towards another big-block drag car is an incredible orange 1940 Ford coupe, it also got quite a large blower and added suicide doors.

Another car sporting an insane stance is the 1937 Chevrolet coupe accompanied by an Opel GT drag car and one white Lincoln Continental. Just beyond said Continental is a 1956 Chevrolet Nomad which comes from a very rough origin but was eventually restored. One of the owner’s most prized vehicles is his 1940 Ford four-window coupe which he has had since the 80s. Another more modern vehicle is the 1940 Dodge Town Wagon which sits atop an S-10 frame.

Yet again we are faced with one of drag racing’s most iconic legends, the Chevy Bel Air, this particular one has been finished in yellow paint and recalls memories of the famous “cheese whiz” drag car. Another 1958 Chevy Nomad can also be seen outside of his shop, and so we move on to the owner’s yard to check out some more vehicles. In the yard we find a lifted Chevy truck from the 90s, a dropped Chevy truck from the late 90s or early 2000s, a 1965 C10 Pickup, and a Chrysler Station wagon. Our third location reveals a 1951 fiberglass-body Mercury, another lifted square-body Chevy truck, along with many other projects such as a 1500 Truck and a Ford GT40 kit car.

If you happen to need a fire truck sometime soon all you have to do is visit our next location which sports an amazing GMC fire truck in the front yard. Towards the back you’ll find a 50s Chevy truck, a 40s Ford coupe, these vehicles are joined by many rotting project cars. A more exciting entry is the late 40s Ford coupe effectively named “The Kool-Aid Kid” equipped with a 427ci Chevy Big Block. In yet another barn we find a Buick convertible and a C3 Corvette. If you dare venture into the forest you’ll find a myriad of dead project cars, however, we won’t get into this part for the sake of time. There you have it, this is quite an impressive list, to say the least, and will hopefully only grow with time.

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