Lamborghini’s Huracan EVO Dubbed as 2020’s Best Driver’s Car by MotorTrend

Lamborghini Huracan EVO – one of the Italian car maker and developer’s 2019 additions has since then been one must own car by auto fans and enthusiasts, and it is now dubbed as the ‘Best Driver’s Car’ for the year 2020 by US based auto news and updates publication MotorTrend.

Car news and updates website Zigwheels has reported that car was selected to bag the award upon the decision by team created by the organizers comprised various editors, reviewers, and critics from the automotive industry. They were also joined by Randy Pobst, a known race car driver who also does such driving tests for all the car models and units which were part of the assessment for the awards to be given by then.

As per Pobst himself, the team by the award giving body organized a drive testing for the seven contenders who fought for the award set on the roads of the Laguna Seca track in California. Pobst was then impressed right away by the Huracan EVO, by which he gave remarks especially on its “tremendous cornering grip, quick turn-in, and its real quick steering response.”

Lamborghini Huracan EVO Bagging the Gold

An article was posted in the official website of the publication itself, in which it stated that the award for the Best Driver’s Car by MotorTrend presents the car which would eventually receive the award is the one that has just not been inspiring talented amateurs to ‘feel like a hero’, yet it also must have the capability to impress and inspire every driver ranging from a rookie up to a pro one. It was also where they have announced the decision which put the Lamborghini Huracan EVO on top of the other candidates for the said award.

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The car publication also made it clear that for this year’s edition of the award, they were forced to cut down and minimize the number of car models being nominated and would then have undergone inspections and testing. Also, another aspect in which MotorTrend had some difficulty is the number of judges being involved within the whole process of selecting the rightful one.

All of those were due to the pandemic brought about by the COVID-19 in which such aspects limiting at some point the award giving body’s actions, which yet then have given considerations for the others that ended up as contenders eventually.

Additionally, the article wrote that the factor which brought them to their decision, is confidence. “It all boils down to confidence,” as the exact words, which may have been illustrated and given by the Lamborghini model as it was hailed as 2020’s best driver’s car.

Lamborghini’s Past MotorTrend Stint

The car creators, Lamborghini, is no stranger when it comes to being recognized by award-giving bodies, particularly the mentioned award. News website Yahoo lists that it was just in 2018 when the company also garnered the honors for the Best Driver’s Car award, with their Performante – another version of the coveted Huracan line of cars.

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