New car tax changes will make working ‘pointless’

One reader warned those who use their petrol and diesel cars regularly to work will soon be “crucified with costs”. Another motorist has warned they might “give up trying to work” to avoid being “punished”.

The reaction comes ahead of a planned increase in Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) rates on April 1.

HM Revenue and Customs have warned new tax rates would be confirmed in the Chancellor’s Spring Budget on March 23.

It is expected the increase will simply be in line with inflation but HMRC has warned some drivers may see “major” changes.

One reader said: “This is relentless, how much more does this government think we can afford to pay.

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car tax changes updates uk

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car tax changes updates uk

car tax rates ved petrol diesel

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car tax rates ved petrol diesel

“No one uses their car for pleasure anymore. That was removed a long time ago, now it’s through necessity.

“But you work you just get crucified with costs, soon it will be pointless working as you will be charged so much just to get to work.”

Reader ‘Prometheus’ added: “We should all start cycling and walking and then we can contribute nothing to public finances, create millions of unemployed from the automotive industry.

“Just everyone work from home so road will be nice and clear. (sic)


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“The billions spent on smart motorways will be wasted.

“Let’s just all give up trying as working just means being punished.”

However, others have hit back at a lack of charges for electric vehicles.

Under the current system, EV drivers are exempt from traditional car tax fees, fuel duty rates and many city-wide Clean Air Zone charges.

Reader ‘Volvstar’ added: “Boris and his Green ego trip, when will he realise that trying to charge fossil fuel drivers with these ridiculous VED charges won’t work because only a few percent of drivers can afford an EV.

“Given the pathetic choice of EV’s, their price and their inflexibility, they are not most people’s choice even if they could afford one.

“Personally I hope EV’s die a quick death, it was a product that nobody wanted or could afford and somebody hasn’t done their marketing very well.”

‘SuckItIpButtercup’ added: “If petrol and diesel vehicle drivers have to pay VED, then so should those driving every other kind of vehicle on UK roads.

car tax rates charges ved

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car tax rates charges ved

“Driving an electric vehicle or low emissions should NOT be a reason for the drivers of these vehicles not to pay VED.”

Another added: “Tax, tax and more tax doesn’t Sunak understand many of us are at our wits end already.

“When will this rich posh boy government [realise] the misery they are causing the ordinary people?”