Now is the time to prep your car for winter

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) – Car repair shops say now is the time to get your car prepped and ready for winter.

“Unfortunately, up here in the winter it creates a traction problem, so we’re actually going to recommend that you get some new tires,” said Matt’s Automotive Service Center technician Richard Forbes as he looked over my 2009 Honda Accord.

Besides tires, other high-priority items are a good battery and fresh fluids. Car shops across the valley offer cold weather inspections to make sure your car can handle the winter.

“Make sure your coolant isn’t going to freeze up… and that your washer fluid isn’t going to freeze up,” said Forbes.

Car batteries are one of the most common things replaced before winter hits.

“In the colder climates, you need a lot more juice to start the car,” said Forbes, “The battery will last longer when it’s colder and won’t wear as much, but you need a lot more oomph to get the car to go.”

Forbes said snow tires aren’t a necessity, but investing in quality all-season tires is important, and his biggest recommendation for not only my car but most cars.

The auto service shop said like most industries, they’ve been hit by the supply chain disruptions. They said customers should not be surprised if they have to wait a few extra days for parts to come in.

When it comes to battery and fluid maintenance, you can save money and do those at home. But, when it comes to tires stick to a professional and someone you can trust.

“Your car will survive winter, but we’d make it easier for you to survive winter,” said Forbes.

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