Potent Race Horse From 1964 Trots To Auction With Classic GTO Style

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After years of searching for the right owner, this restored muscle car is the perfect addition to your classic car collection!

Few things from the 1960s were as iconic as the idea of a big V8 engine in a midsize car with a manual transmission. That is, of course, except for the Pontiac GTO, whose incredible curvy figure has become an instantly recognizable symbol of individual freedom and American pride. The sheer grit that it took to build the car in the first place was incredible because of GM’s strict ban on performance vehicles. Thankfully, these cars were top-rated upon initial release and sparked a movement of muscle cars and pony cars whose fame continued to grow and has since reached proportions previously thought impossible. We would all love to get our hands on one of these things as car enthusiasts, but they can be tough to find sometimes because of their desirability. Here’s a pristine example that automotive fans across the country will be drooling over for a while.

Potent Race Horse From 1964 Trots To Auction With Classic GTO Style

Under the hood of this insane 1964 Pontiac GTO is the famous 389 ci V8 engine pushing out an incredible 325 horsepower. That was an extraordinary figure at the time of production. That considerable number warranted a beefy transmission, precisely why this thing is packing a four-speed manual transmission. This was a fan favorite for the classic muscle car enthusiasts because of the amount of fun that was to be had with the tough four-speed. While it is true that performance was pretty much the only thing that the original GTO cared about, this thing has far more than just sheer power on its side.

If it’s reliable you’re looking; you’ll find it with this car as it boasts a new fuel tank, sending unit, a brand new fuel pump, and all of the other parts that surround the engine. The powerhouse is sure to keep making power for decades with the four-barrel Edelbrock carburetor. Of course, this is a legendary automobile with tons of automotive history behind it, and any classic car enthusiast would jump at the chance to get their hands on it. Because of this, the car is sure to leave the auction lot pretty quickly, so you had better hurry to get your hands on this incredible piece of American car culture history.

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