Producing Air-Powered Cars For American Consumers


First it was steam-powered cars. Then it became gasoline-powered cars. Now, air-powered cars are to come this way. This only shows that man has advanced so much when it comes to vehicle technology. But what really are air-powered cars? For those who don’t know yet, it is a type of car equipped with an air-compressed engine that can travel up to 124 miles for less than $2. Interesting, isn’t it?

Air powered cars can run at 68 miles per hour to cover 124 miles. That’s approximately 8 hours worth of traveling time. On that premise alone, you can see that these cars are way better than electric cars. Electric cars can only run half that distance. At first, these air-powered cars are just plans. Now, they are on their testing stages. The Moteur Development International had successfully created OneCAT, the first commercial prototype of the air-powered car.

There are two ways to make an air-powered car work. First, you have to recharge the tank. To do that, connect the car to a power outlet for about four hours. The second way you can power up your car is much easier. You just have to attach the car to the air pump found in most gasoline stations for two minutes. After which, your car should be ready to roll again. Just basing on these facts, it is easy to see that air-powered cars are more economical and ecological. Also, maintaining them is not as much a headache than most of today’s cars.

Right now, MDI is looking to create four types of air-powered cars. They have created archetypes for a cab, a sedan, a van, and a pick-up. Approximately these cars will be sold at little less than $11,000. If the American car buying public liked it, the total sales of these types of cars are expected to hit the mark.

These air-powered cars by MDI have taken 10 long years worth of research, testing, and building. Finally, they have something solid to show people. With the production on the way, a lot of people are expected to shift gears to this new car, especially the budget-conscious, the environment-conscious, and the technology-conscious.

The company is looking to create more than 30,000 air-powered cars annually. They currently have 70 people on their staff working eight hours a day to meet the launch. The company is actually producing dual type of engine. These cars use the new air-power technology and the conventional gasoline car technology alternately.

The car is going to work this way: It will detect the speed of the car and switch engines accordingly. For slow speeds of 50 kph, the air-powered engine will run. Once the driver goes over that, it will activate the fuel engine for more power and better performance on the road. It is said that this new breed of car can use different types of petrol such as gas, bio-diesel, alcohol, and LPG.

The air-power mode of the car is ideal for leisure driving around the city. However, if you intend to drive up the highway and on a long journey, the fuel mode of the car is going to be helpful. This new engine technology in cars is surely something to look forward to.

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