Range Rover Sport is Fantastic with New Turbocharged Six Cylinder Engine


The Fuel Economy Adds to The Attraction for Buyers to Get This Vehicle Along with Other Traits

Big SUV with low fuel bill is real attraction for buyers of the costly Range Rover Sport. The latest model of the SUV has got mild hybrid assistance and also plug-in hybrid model for very affordable running cost of the excellent vehicle from Land Rover / Range Rover. These options for the buyers will surely enhance selling of number of units. The producer of the vehicle has made it spacious by extending its length so passengers would find the cabin better to accommodate adults on rear row seats. New model of the vehicle stands out with minute variations from previous models. Third generation model has greater attraction for buyers of the vehicle. Less impact on environment, due to better fuel economy and efficient engine. Door handles, LED headlamps and bigger infotainment system screen can be noticed without looking closely. The best thing for the buyers is Range Rover Sport new turbocharged six-cylinder engine. It is plug-in hybrid unit and other three Range Rover Sport engines also present for the buyers. The most powerful is twin-turbo V8 engine for the maximum output and driving excitement. Two engines in the lineup have mild hybrid assistance to keep fuel economy affordable.

Engine line-up

Entry level Range Rover Sport engine 3.0-liter turbocharged engine has 48 volts battery. It keeps stop-start function smooth and also provides power for other functions as well. Power output of 355 hp and torque of 369 lb-ft comes from this six-cylinder P 360 engine of Range Rover SE. It is quite quick to reach 60 mph speed, 5.7 seconds. For quicker sprint time of 5.4 seconds buyers can step up to Range Rover Sport P400 SE Dynamic. Power figures of the engine are 395 hp and 406 lb-ft. While selecting Ranger Rover Sport engine, buyers should keep an eye on fuel economy too but the two aforementioned units offer almost identical fuel average on mixed cycle. A 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged engine for V8 Range Rover Sport is also present. It offers the best driving experience. Fuel average drops to 18 mpg whereas power increases to 523 hp and torque reaches to 553 lb-ft. Rear wheel steering is also available with this engine model so driving experience enhances considerably.

The Hybrid engine

A sure footed and stable Range Rover Sport with V8 engine under the hood offers tremendous drive quality. The best bait for the environment conscious modern buyers is P440e with plug-in hybrid technology. Total power of 434 hp and 457 lb-ft torque available to run Range Rover Sport P440e. the SUV with this engine sprints quickly to 60 mph, just 5.5 seconds. A heavy battery at rear slows it down but still excellent acceleration have been made possible. For a modern luxury SUV it has become quite important to reach serious speed in less time. With full charging the plug-in hybrid model covers distance of 48 miles. It is reasonable for daily commuting and saves good deal of money. Speed limit to achieve this all-electric range is not high so driver must not expect this range at highway speed. Range Rover Sport navigation system is quite helpful to switch between battery and engine power. In areas where highway speed is not possible, driver can program setting of switching to all electric mode and to engine power where road is clear for highway speed.


Range Rover Sport plug-in hybrid engine model switches to fuel combustion unit when speed hits 71 mph speed. This SUV is really good for off-road excursions so towing capacity of 6600 lbs also offered. Battery of PHEV model gets charged with DC fast charging in less than an hour. PHEV and other engine models of Range Rover Sport does not vary in appearance but their weight varies. Automatic gearbox is standard with all engine options for new Range Rover Sport models. With eight speed transmissions the auto gearbox works seamlessly. All wheel drive and locking differential is also standard. It provides the required confidence to drivers to move on slippery tracks. Optional all-terrain technology is also available to enhance drive quality of the new SUV. Adaptive Off-road cruise control from the producer is also new addition. Comfort levels also get adjusted according to terrain type.

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