GM opens new 3D-printing development center

GM’s new Additive Industrialization Center is home to 24 3D printers.


On Monday, GM announced the opening of its new 15,000-square-foot Additive Industrialization Center at the Warren Tech Center in suburban Detroit. This facility is dedicated to pushing 3D printing forward in the automotive industry. 

One goal of the AIC is to “productionize” this technology, to make it a cornerstone of GM vehicle development and manufacturing. In the future, 3D printing promises to revolutionize the car-making process, and it’s already dramatically accelerating development times, reducing costs and even improving quality. 

A new-from-the-ground-up facility, the AIC is the result of investments GM has made over the last several years, though no one is willing to comment on how much they’ve shelled out. Currently, it’s home to 24 3D printers, which can make components out of both polymers and metal. The AIC can carry out a number of different processes, from

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