Volvo shows off the Polestar 3’s sweet new Android Automotive interface

The full Polestar 3 design isn't revealed yet, but Volvo released this camouflaged photo.
Enlarge / The full Polestar 3 design isn’t revealed yet, but Volvo released this camouflaged photo.


Volvo, Qualcomm, Google are teaming up to make car infotainment even more smartphone-like than ever. If Wintel (Windows plus Intel) is the default software+hardware combo of the PC era, then the smartphone equivalent has got to be Android and Qualcomm (Andcom? Qualdroid?). Volvo is bringing this combo to the upcoming Polestar 3 electric SUV, which is due sometime in 2022. We also got a sneak peek at what the new interface would look like.

Volvo’s Polestar 2 was the first to ship Google’s Android Automotive OS in a car. Unlike Android Auto or Apple’s CarPlay, which run on your smartphone, Android Automotive OS has a custom version of Android preinstalled on the car, as the main car infotainment OS. Even if you have an iPhone, your car still runs Android. The Polestar 2

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Vivaldi releases the first web browser for Android Automotive

Google’s nascent Android Automotive operating system is not available on many cars yet, and the app selection can feel limited at times, but today it’s adding a web browser to its arsenal. And, no, we don’t mean Chrome. As of today, the privacy-focused Vivaldi browser is available on . It’s a first for Android Automotive and the company, which had yet to offer its software on vehicles before today.

Vivaldi says safety was one of its top priorities when porting the browser over to Android Automotive. To that end, it’s only possible to start a session when your car is parked. If you start streaming something and then resume driving, Vivaldi will limit the video to audio-only. 

Naturally, privacy was also a priority for the team. The browser won’t store your browsing data on the car whenever you open a private tab. If you want to transfer your data between

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Polestar 2 gets a browser as Vivaldi comes to Android Automotive OS

The Polestar 2’s dashboard is getting a built-in browser, with Vivaldi releasing its app for the Android Automotive OS-powered touchscreen. The new browser promises much the same experience – albeit with some tweaks in the name of driver safety – as you’d get with Vivaldi on a smartphone or tablet.

It’s Vivaldi’s first browser version intended for a car, and indeed the first browser that’s available for Android Automotive OS so far. There’s tabbed browsing, support for media streaming, and desktop-style features such as an ad-blocker, translation tool, notes function, and tracking protection.

SOURCE: Vivaldi

It’s fair to say the modern dashboard is a far cry from the analog gauges and simple HVAC controls of a decade or so ago. Today’s vehicles typically employ one or more touchscreens for their primary controls, taking advantage of customizable layouts to squeeze in more virtual buttons than could be comfortably accommodated in physical

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Honda cars will get Google’s Android Automotive OS by 2022

Google just announced some big changes to Android Auto and their car OS, adding lots of new features and new car compatibility.

For the first time ever, Google is partnering with Honda to give their cars Android Automotive OS, a built-in operating system. The OS was first debuted in a car just last year with the Polestar 2, under Volvo’s Polestar electric performance brand. Since then, companies such as Renault, General Motors, and Ford have taken interest and said that cars with the OS will be launching soon.

Other than the Honda 2022 cars, you can expect the Chevy Silverado and the Renault Mégane E-Tech to run on Android Automotive OS as well.

New Android Auto updates

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If you don’t want to wait until next year to use Google’s software in your car, you can still use Android Auto. In fact, they just announced some

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