Best new car tech from GM, BMW, Hyundai, Fisker

Automotive tech has evolved into a significant story at the annual Consumer Electronics Show – and CES 2022 was no exception.

Even with the smaller crowds due to pandemic fears and travel restrictions, the future of transport was revealed at this year’s show, as well as virtually for those attending remotely, and you need not be a gear head to be blown away at what’s coming down the road.

Electrification, automation, and personalization proved to be the three biggest automotive tech trends you can expect going forward, including vehicles designed to make transport safer, faster, more comfortable, and less taxing on Mother Earth.

A few highlights:

Chevy Silverado gets electrified

In her keynote address, General Motors CEO Mary Barra took the wraps off the 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV, a next-gen full-size pick-up with battery-powered range of up to 400 miles on a full charge. Prices are expected to start

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The BMW M1 Is an Exotic Free of Compromises

bmw m1 drive


There are cars that are faster. There are cars that handle better at super speeds. There are cars that have more exciting styling. But anytime you want to put an end to the argument of which is the best exotic car in the world, drop the name BMW M1. A hush will fall. . . and most enthusiasts who have had the opportunity to drive a variety of the world’s most exclusive automobiles will nod knowingly. They may disagree eventually with your choice, but they will surely pause to consider their arguments. When you make your living as an automotive journalist, life is an ongoing debate of the merits of various cars, particularly exotic cars. And, for most of us in this profession, the M1 holds a special place.

This story originally appeared in Road & Track’s 1986 Exotic Cars: 4 issue.


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This Highly Coveted BMW ‘Batmobile’ Would Make the Caped Crusader Green With Envy

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, long before BMW became a mass-luxury brand name, the marque was known for building sporting cars that combined Bavarian frugality, solid German engineering and—if one squints one’s eyes and imagines—sober, attractive style. The automaker had shed its reputation for lavish antiquated barges like the model 502 “Baroque Angel” and the money-losing 507 sports car, and embarked on a new mission.

Pivotal to the change in direction was the 1600 and 2002 series (an altogether longer and most interesting story). But BMW customers had a taste for sporting luxury that would never be sated by the boxy ’02 and, by the way, BMW had a perfectly delightful inline-six engine with which to power a more substantial car. The most beautiful by far was the 3.0 series E9, which began as a 2.8-liter version with the 1968 2800 CS. The later 3.0 CS, introduced

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There are more than 3,000 new and abandoned BMW cars in some part of the world

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Car fan? A video posted on social media showed several completely new and abandoned BMW models. Apparently, this “graveyard” of cars is located in Vancouver, Canada.

Philipp Katzenberger vía Unsplash

As reported by El Universal , these are more than 3,000 MINI JCW and BMW M4 and M6 cars, abandoned in 2015 after an eventful transfer trip to Canada that left the lot of cars badly damaged to have them repaired.

According to the information, the cars suffered mechanical problems due to poor belaying, and some of their electrical parts were affected and broken down by salt water and sand.

Faced with this scenario, the automotive company carried out an analysis that showed them that it was actually cheaper to store them and perhaps destroy them than to repair them, so they chose to

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