Review of new Tesla sparks debate after writer claims problems with autopilot

A critical review of the Tesla Model Y has caused a stir on social media, where many are complaining that the car, in its current state, should never have been sent to market. Others – especially fans of Tesla and, more specifically, the company’s CEO, Elon Musk – have rushed to defend the car and, by proxy, the CEO.

The debate began when Tim Stevens, an automotive journalist, released a review of the Model Y on CNET’s Roadshow vertical. The review is titled “2021 Tesla Model Y review: Nearly great, critically flawed.”

Unlike other car reviews on the site, Roadshow actually entered into a two-year lease to give the car an extensive analysis over the course of a full lease period. Stevens intends to give the car multiple reviews over the lease period, accounting for changes that may be made to the Model Y over the course of two

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Apple Car to Debut Next Year in September, Claims Sketchy Report

The Apple Car has been a part of rumors for several years now, and if a fresh report is to be believed, then we don’t have to maintain our patience any longer. Apparently, the company’s first effort in the automobile sector will materialize in September of next year.

Report Talks About Apple Car Arriving in 2021, Two Years Ahead of the Intended Release Schedule

According to previous reports, the Apple Car was expected to arrive in 2023. Still, according to Economic News Daily, citing unnamed Taiwanese manufacturer executives, the plan has been put into overdrive, meaning that we could see the product much earlier than expected. Apple’s Taiwanese supply chain partners, which haven’t been named in the latest report, are expected to mass produce the necessary components by as early as Q2, 2021.

Apple Has Secured 80 Percent of TSMC’s 5nm Production Capacity for 2021

The report does mention that

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