Crevier Classic Cars rolls out revved-up collection, event venue at new Costa Mesa site

For Donnie Crevier, cars are more than a means of conveyance — they represent a lifestyle, an art form and something to share with the world. And for the past 47 years, that’s exactly what he’s done.

The Laguna Beach resident, long associated with Crevier BMW in Santa Ana, which he ran until 2011, keeps his personal collection of vintage automobiles in a storage facility that has become a de facto car museum and event center in Costa Mesa.

Started in 2006, Crevier Classic Cars features a rotating collection of about 120 vehicles. Some are for sale or lease, while others are being stored and still others come from Crevier’s collection. Formerly located on Clinton Street, Crevier purchased a new and larger property on Airway Avenue and recently secured permits to host events for up to 300 people.

Crevier Classic Cars displays more than 120 automobiles at its Costa Mesa showroom.

Crevier Classic Cars displays more than 120 automobiles at its Costa Mesa

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Buying A Classic Car At Auction

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With auctions back in full swing, new collectors are trying to get into the bidding game.

The pandemic has put the collector car pastime on steroids and attracted many new collectors to the hobby. A lot of people get entry into the automotive enthusiast segment with cars they find at auction. Automotive auctions are fantastic for the sleuthy, but some big mistakes could cause the novice to lose on an investment, or just buy the wrong car entirely. Here are some quick, basic rules from experts in the industry that you need to learn to live by.

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Review the entire catalog

A lot of people find out about an auction because a car in the inventory sent them that way. While you might have a wishlist, sometimes you’ll find a

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Local Barn Find Boasts Vast Collection Of Classic Legends

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What treasures does this incredible collection of classic cars hold for this wandering car enthusiast?

The idea of the perfect barn finds sits within the minds and hearts of automotive enthusiasts around the globe. Finding one’s dream car in a chaotic state and slowly bringing it back to life to return to or surpass the car’s original glory is a highly appealing thought. Some go even as far as to base their livelihoods around these automotive adventures as they travel from town to town looking for the subsequent significant discovery of a time long forgotten. This video perfectly encapsulates that passion for recovering the historical automobiles that grace the hallowed halls of this old storage warehouse.

Upon entry to this place, you will find a 1972 Cadillac Eldorado and a 1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme sitting together to the right of the entrance. Another

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Classic Four Seater Lamborghini Found Half Dead In A Forgotten Barn

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Barn find Lamborghini survivor is uncovered.

Lamborghini has a long and storied history of building some of the world’s fastest high-end sports and supercars ever to hit the track. This genuine dedication to the progression of automotive excellence has led to the current Lamborghini lineup being at the front line in power and performance. However, there is more to the Lamborghini name than just their past successes. Like most matters concerning creative production, the history surrounding the raging bull of Italy was far more affected by its failures. So today, we get to look at what was possibly the least desirable Lamborghini, the Lamborghini Espada.

Based on the front grille, the car appears to be a series three produced from 1972-1978. The basic concept was to build a four-seater grand tourer with the power of a fire-breathing V12 under the hood. This

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