Classic Car Graveyard Is 1000 Vehicles Deep

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This insane collection of classic cars boasts an insane number of vintage muscle cars!

Classic car collectors have become very verbal about their vast vehicular exploits in recent years because of the rise in social media and the ability to show off the best of the automotive world. This has led to the discovery of some of the most incredible vintage vehicles ever to see the sales floor, and it would appear that a new automotive adventure is made every day. Of course, some of these finds have been pretty crazy, with cars ranging from the early 1900s and even some insane supercars from the modern world. However, very few collections can brag about their quantity as much as this glorious location can with over 1000 vehicles from virtually every year in American automotive history.

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New federal regulations make it easier to build and buy classic car replicas

America’s roads may look a little older in the future. Not the pavement, but the vehicles driving on it.

The Nationa Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has finally put the stipulations of a law passed in 2015 into effect that will make it easier to build and buy new replicas of classic cars.

The rules set down by the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act were developed in partnership with SEMA, the organization that represents the U.S. automotive aftermarket industry.

The final regulations allow small manufacturers, who build less than 5,000 vehicles annually, to annually produce up to 325 licensed replicas of vehicles that are at least 25 years old without having to meet costly crash testing and other modern safety standards and sell them with a federally registered VIN.

Previously, these types of vehicles could only be sold as “component” or “kit” cars that had to

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Classic Mini Restomod Now Offered In America For A Cool $100,000

David Brown Automotive has a new importer for US buyers wanting a classic Mini with a modern makeover.

Fans of classic British cars might recognize the name David Brown Automotive. The UK-based company unveiled its Aston Martin DB5-themed Speedback GT back in 2014, built from a Jaguar XKR. With a price tag over $700,000 it wasn’t what you’d call a working-class machine  –  that’s the realm of the classic Mini. David Brown Automotive now offers a modernized version for buyers in the States, but it doesn’t come with a working-class price.

Mini Remastered Classic Restomod By David Brown Automotive

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Mini Remastered Classic Restomod By David Brown Automotive

Thanks to a new deal with Florida-based importer Bespoke Imports Group, US shoppers can now enjoy the Mini Remastered series in all its glory. Of particular interest is the Oselli Edition, featuring a 125-horsepower (93-kilowatt) 1.4-liter engine with a five-speed manual, four-piston front disc brakes, a

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1966 Jaguar XKE Series I Coupe Will Highlight Your Classic Luxury Collection

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This beautiful car was the pinnacle of performance and style in the mid ‘60s and now it could be yours!

Jaguar is possibly the most iconic automotive manufacturer to ever originate in the vast lands of Great Britain for its sleek style and high performance. Everyone from esteemed enthusiast icon Jeremy Clarkson to ordinary automotive lovers like us can find something to love about the “Jag” brand. While the newer models sport excellent performance, a modern supercar design, and plenty of comfort to match, it truly is the vintage models that get most people’s attention. Without a doubt, these great cars were the pinnacle of performance in their time and now present an air of mystery and interest surrounding the history of fine automobiles. So what are you supposed to do if you’re in the market for one of these great cars?


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