Porsche created an AI to help you configure your perfect car


Porsche’s configurator has always been in-depth, but now there’s a robot to help you through it.


Messing around with car configurators is one of the great pastimes of the automotive enthusiast. Sitting around on your computer or your phone and daydreaming about your perfect car is satisfying stuff, and there is arguably no configurator more satisfying than Porsche’s.

The reason why Porsche’s configurator is so good comes down to its granularity. The extremely ala carte nature of Porsche’s options lists for all of its many, many models and trims allows you, the buyer (or daydreamer, as it were), to build precisely the car you want. Of course, that level of specificity can be a little intimidating, which is why Porsche announced its plans on Wednesday to add AI to its online configurator. 

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