Android Automotive might just be the most exciting thing going in the world of Android. Not to be confused with the older Android Auto, Automotive is a ground-up open source operating system for managing a car’s entire interaction with the driver. We’ve seen a lot of commitments from manufacturers like Chevy and Ford, but so far few production vehicles are ready to roll with Android Automotive. French manufacturer Renault might just get the next one out: its new all-electric Mégane E-Tech crossover.

The Mégane E-Tech is the company’s bigger, beefier, electrified take on the popular crossover (or subcompact SUV, depending on whom you ask), the first of its kind based on a new dedicated CMF-EV platform. That’s not the only barrier it’s breaking: according to 9to5Google, it’s also the first production car equipped with Android Automotive that’s running on the same ARM architecture as Android phones and