Ex-Firefighter Gifted New Job, Car, Home After His Modest Facebook Appeal

A former firefighter who lived out of his car after developing PTSD and alcoholism after a traumatic shift, was gifted a new car and a job after asking his local Michigan community for help over Facebook.

JD Edgington was looking for a place to shower and launder his clothes when he decided to post to the Grand Haven Informed community Facebook group, asking for suggestions.

“I just posted on there asking for laundry and a shower,” he told KVUE. “And within 24 hours, I had a job and a vehicle.”

Edgington moved to Michigan from Iowa, where he took up a job as a firefighter. He said a traumatic call two years ago “messed him up” and left him unable to continue working.

“I was a firefighter living my dream job with the world at my feet,” he wrote in a Facebook post on February 12. “One night is

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