Movie cars get starring role in new Petersen Museum exhibit

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A former employee of the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles once revealed to me what was, by far, the most popular car in their collection. Care to guess? No, it isn’t a rare exotic like their quad-turbo V12 Bugatti EB110. Nor is it a classic like their 1947 Ferrari 125S, the very first car to bear ol’ Enzo’s surname, one of just two built. And it’s not their concours-winning 1925 Rolls Royce Phantom I “Round Door”, a stunning coach-built one-off from the Art Deco age. It’s the Batmobile.

Turns out, most visitors to Los Angeles’ Museum Row, a cluster of galleries along Wilshire Blvd’s Miracle Mile, are only casual car enthusiasts. Many aren’t car enthusiasts at all, but simply movie fans who want to catch a whiff of Tinseltown.

In that vein, the Petersen’s new exhibit, which focuses on movie cars from science fiction

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Four Good Cars, Rest Also-Rans in Petersen’s Moviecar Exhibit

petersen museums movie cars exhibit

Petersen Automotive Museum

The Petersen Automotive Museum has to be the greatest car museum in the world. Located smack dab in the middle of car-crazy Southern California and backed by a Billionaire Boys Club of board members, it has proven its leadership time and again, with a permanent collection of some 400 cars and rotating exhibits from all over the world.

So we can forgive an occasional air ball.

Consider the latest exhibit opening, “Cars of Film and Television.” The museum is located literally an Uber’s drive away from Paramount, Warner Bros., Universal, and Sony Pictures, and nearly as close to any number of semi-secret fenced-off parking lots hidden all over the city packed door-to-door with various movie cars. So access to icons is not the problem.

The Petersen has had such exhibits off and on for most of its 28 years, so it knows how to do these things.

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Batmobile, ‘Black Panther,’ ‘Gran Torino,’ Cars Star at the Petersen Museum’s New Exhibit

The DeLorean time machine from “Back to the Future”, the Batmobile from “Batman” and Ecto-1 from “Ghostbusters” don’t need any further explanation. The iconic vehicles far outgrew their respective movies and are now cultural touchstones.

The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, already a home to some big-screen vehicles, is opening a new exhibit with these cars and more, starting March 12.

The new exhibit will highlight some of the best pieces from the “Hollywood Dream Machines: Vehicles of Science Fiction and Fantasy” display from 2020 (the largest exhibition of its kind in the world).

It will also include some surprise additions as the museum is branching out to include an even-broader range of cars. The Lexus LC500 from Marvel’s “Black Panther” joins the fray, as does the DMC-12 from “Back to the Future,” the Ecto-1 and several cars from the “Batman” series.

“Some vehicles used in television and movies

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James Bond car exhibit coming to L.A.’s Petersen Automotive Museum

The Petersen Automotive Museum was already a must-see for any car enthusiast visiting Los Angeles, and it’s about to get a little better should you also be a James Bond fan. Opening Sept. 25 in the museum’s appropriately named Grand Salon gallery will be the “Bond in Motion” exhibit of more than 30 cars, motorcycles, boats, submarines, helicopters and scale models used during the creation of the 24 official James Bond films. The timing corresponds with the Oct. 8 release of “No Time to Die,” the upcoming 60th anniversary of the first Bond movie … and hey, the release of our “All 24 James Bond movies ranked only by their cars.”

Highlights include many of the most famous Bond cars, including a 1977 Lotus Esprit S1 in submarine guise from “The Spy Who Loved Me,” an Aston Martin V8 from “The Living

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