COVID has some families rethinking second cars

COVID-19 has reduced driving in the United States, as people have been ordered and lobbied by governments to stay close to home. For couples with more than one vehicle, this commute constriction has reduced the use of second cars. Will this great parking job lead to large-scale vehicular downsizing?

Suppliers, experts, and parents admitted to the Washington Examiner that this is a tricky question that will take some time to sort.

Rich Hartman owns automotive dealerships in Washington state. He told the Washington Examiner, “In a big city, there’s absolutely, positively a one-car family,” but observers won’t “see that out in the country at all.” He also doesn’t expect that city-country dynamic to budge much.

The Evergreen State car dealer said that if people sell their second cars, “it’s being eaten up really quick” because the supply of cars, trucks, and SUVs has been “inhibited” by the coronavirus-related

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