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Hyundai Motor Group second in U.S. registrations

First-quarter registration data from Experian puts Tesla way out front in the EV race, with 113,882 registrations across its four models. But Tesla’s counterpart to the Ioniq 5 and EV6, the Model Y, starts at $64,440 with shipping. That’s about $22,000 more than the Kia and about $19,000 more than the Hyundai, based on entry-level models currently on sale.

Experian last week reported 6,265 registrations for the Ioniq 5 in the first quarter and 4,901 for the EV6. Kia also had 3,549 registrations for the Niro EV, and Hyundai had 685 for the Kona Electric. Hyundai’s discontinued Ioniq Electric hatchback, which launched in 2017, posted 14 registrations.

All told, the group had 15,414 EV registrations in the first quarter, Experian said. The Ford brand had 7,407 registrations, mostly for the Mustang Mach-E compact crossover. Chevrolet had just 479 EV registrations for the Bolt EV and Bolt EUV combined after a

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Ditching Two Cylinders and Displacement for Speed and Serviceability

For years, the iconic Honda/Acura NSX remained out of reach for most. For those fortunate enough to gain access, modifications were usually kept to a minimum, because the car serves as a piece of Japanese automotive history for some owners, complete with its underdog backstory and undeniable driving experience. The result of that aura means many NSX examples sadly spend more time under a cover in attempted preservation, instead of hitting the open road—but not this one.

More Money, More Problems

For others, bolting on a supercharger and a few bolt-ons gave the NSX the kick it needed for its V6 to remain relevant as the chassis entered its later years, surrounding by potent factory performers that were only getting faster. These days it’s no easy task sourcing a used model for under the price of a condo in Miami, but it does happen from time

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Police now using the Grappler Police Bumper to end car chases

Police used the Grappler Police Bumper to end a car chase in Phoenix, Arizona, according to a report from a local Fox News affiliate.

Three unmarked cars pursued a target vehicle, with one using the Grappler to stop the perp, according to a video clip from the report posted on Twitter.

The Grappler Police Bumper appeared in 2016 and has been pitched as a safer way to end police chases. Mounted to the front bumper of a police vehicle, it deploys a net that ensnares one of the tires of the vehicle being pursued. Once caught in the snare, the wheel locks up, forcing the vehicle to stop. 

The police vehicle and the target remain linked by a

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2022 Toyota Sienna Woodland First Test Review: More Than a Gimmick?

toyota sienna Full Overview


  • Genius packaging
  • Fabulous fuel economy and range
  • Lounge-chair-like seats



  • Silly suspension lift
  • Not particularly quick
  • Coarse powertrain

We might as well get this out of the way: Increasing the 2022 Toyota Sienna’s ground clearance from 6.3 inches to 6.9, as was done to create the Woodland edition tested here, may help it better scale precipitous driveways, but it doesn’t transform it into a trail-ready adventure van. Rather, the slight lift seems to negatively affect this otherwise excellent family hauler’s performance and possibly its efficiency. In every other way, however, the Sienna Woodland remains a desirable alternative to any other three-row family vehicle—whether their rear doors swing or slide.

Into the Woods

For one reason, there’s more to the Sienna Woodland than a minuscule lift kit. Cement Gray metallic paint and flannel-accented leatherette upholstery are Woodland-specific styling touches, and it also includes activity-ready equipment like

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