Remembering Dale, The “Car of the Future” That Suddenly Disappeared

Elizabeth Carmichael and the Dale car

Elizabeth Carmichael and the Dale car

It was the early ‘90s in Santa Paula, California. On the auction block sat a rare car, a three-wheeled mythical beast the color of Juicy Fruit. In the audience sat Leslie Kendall, hoping to score a showpiece for the newly opened Petersen Automotive Museum. He convinced the museum’s curator that if they drove out to the sale, they may be able to score it with the little money they had for acquisitions at the time. When they arrived, they were dismayed to find others had the same idea.

“I remember the bidding got to about $6,000 and people started dropping out,” recalls Kendall, who is now chief historian at the Petersen. By the time it got to $7,000, there were only two bidding parties left, them and one other man. They started going back and forth in increments of $100 until they hit $7,500,

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Car IQ Accelerates Connected Automotive Future

Five years ago, connected cars were still very much a theoretical expansion of connected tech.

As Car IQ Founder and CEO Sterling Pratz told PYMNTS, it wasn’t really an idea ready for development because the underlying infrastructure hadn’t been built yet. Connected cars, he said, are only as useful as what they connect to.

“Fast forward to today, and gas pumps are connected, tolling stations are connected, parking lots are connected, McDonald’s is connected, Starbucks is connected,” Pratz said. “These things suddenly become a reality of today.”

The connected car future, he said, is here. As of today, Car IQ is connecting cars directly to merchants to pay for services. They are buying fuel on demand, paying for services at centers like tire changes, brake jobs, tune ups, oil changes and general incidentals around the car. They’re moving into things like tolling and

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Cadillac’s New Lyriq Show Car is a Glimpse Into the Company’s Electric Future

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After months of teasers, Cadillac finally revealed its Lyriq show car to the world last night. A concept meant to preview the production version, it’s our best look yet at what the luxury carmaker’s electric future will look like.

Though this Lyriq is technically a concept, it should be a good representation of what we’ll actually see in show rooms in a couple of years. The sleek crossover shape is headed by a new “black crystal” grille design packed with LED lighting, paired with massive chrome wheels as well as a blacked-out roofline, side skirts, and fender edges. A single sweeping 33-inch LED screen dominates the interior, displaying driver info, camera views, as well as infotainment controls. According to Cadillac, the display “has the highest pixel density available in the automotive industry today.”

More important than the Lyriq’s looks, though, is what hides underneath. The Lyriq

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Classic Car Club Of America Preserves History For Future Generations

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Appreciating classic cars is something everyone should enjoy.

Since 1952, Classic Car Club of America has been working to collecting and preserving some of the finest cars from around the globe. The organization also helps educate the public and boost appreciation for the fine craftsmanship found in older automobiles. As technology pushes ahead and we see all kinds of stories in mainstream media about kids these days supposedly not even wanting to learn how to drive, it’s good to know not everyone wants to slam the door on the history of the automobile.

CCCA pours most of its time and energy into a specific range of car model years: 1915 to 1948. That not to say a Packard from 1911 won’t get any attention.

Quite a few CCCA members also belong to Criminal Defense Attorney in Fort Worth the organization’s chartered Region where

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