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Most of the adjustments occurring in the automotive market today, together with tightened credit score markets in a capital-intensive business and increased authorities involvement are the most recent world challenges. That stated, we wouldn’t fault anyone for getting a BMW R 1250 GS ($17,995). It’s the class staple for good cause. It has extra energy (136 horsepower) than the KTM, plus useful electronics and a great deal of customization choices. It is more agile than it seems, too. We additionally just like the Honda Africa Twin ($14,399). It’s an affordable various to the GS or KTM, with a great deal of comfy tech, together with an computerized transmission that can win over anybody who thinks automatics shouldn’t go on motorcycles. Finally, we suggest the Yamaha Ténéré 700 ($9,999), principally for its use of the brilliant MT-07 inline twin engine. It is a fantastic value.

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Going Hands-Free With Mercedes’ Drive Pilot Promises a More Relaxed Future

Hey, you got games in your car?


I’m in the front passenger seat of a Mercedes-Benz S-Class, streaming a video of chief designer Gordon Wagener talking about the car. Normally that wouldn’t be newsworthy, except I’m watching the video on the S-Class’ central infotainment screen, and the driver is watching it, too. We’re testing out Mercedes’ Drive Pilot, the world’s first Level 3 hands-free assistance system to gain regulatory approval for production, and it’s got me excited for a more relaxing future.

This specific S-Class is a Euro-spec S580 named Adele that’s been in use around Los Angeles for months as a validation prototype, gaining data on the roads and fine-tuning the system. There are only a few giveaways from the outside that this S-Class has Drive Pilot: A pair of lidar sensors integrated into the grille, a small hump at the back of the roof that houses

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Is There a Future for Solar Cars?

The very aerodynamic shape came from GranStudio in Italy.

Lightyear photo

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As we see the slow fade of the internal-combustion engine, as well as some thorny problems with the sustainability of the materials used in electric car batteries, might the next step be a “solar car” that gets much of its power from photovoltaic panels on the roof?

That’s the premise of Lightyear One, a Dutch company that raised US$110 million last year to put its large and luxurious five-seat hatchback into production next summer. “We are at the forefront of a historical market opportunity, by introducing the first cars on the market that charge their battery directly from the sun, completely free,” says Lex Hoefsloot, founder and CEO of Lightyear, adding that the company plans to introduce the Lightyear One exclusive model in 2022.

The all-wheel-drive car has a very aerodynamic drag coefficient somewhere under 0.20, similar

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8 Predictions About the Future of the Auto Industry

In his new book A Brief History of Motion, author Tom Standage writes an engaging and informative overview of how we got from the invention of the wheel to modern cars.

Standage, who is also a deputy editor at The Economist, draws parallels between the past and the present. In doing so, he’s able to paint a picture of what’s in store for the automotive industry in the next 50 years.

As the saying goes, history repeats itself. He saw that numerous times over the course of writing the book.

“It’s uncovering the things that people in the past have done or felt or said that shows how similar they are to us today,” Standage told Newsweek in an interview.

Even something that seems as modern as car culture has origins in the first instances of private coach ownership in the 17th century, where wealthy European aristocrats would

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