Students to give refurbished car to family in need at Oxnard event

A dozen high school students will hand over keys to a car they’ve fixed up for a family in need on Saturday in Oxnard.

The moment will cap off a vehicle-heavy day that starts with a car show in Port Hueneme and a cruise through neighborhoods during which — with social distancing still a priority — residents can vote online for their favorite ride.

This year’s annual car giveaway through DRAGG, an after-school youth automotive program started by the Oxnard Police Department, has been updated with pandemic safety in mind. The car show, for example, won’t be open to the public and will be streamed online. The cruise is limited to about 65 participants who preregistered.

But other changes will bring the event closer to people who live in south Oxnard and Port Hueneme. The cruise route, which starts on Surfside Drive near the Port of Hueneme — the main

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Here’s how your car’s 360-degree cameras give you that bird’s eye view

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360-degree cameras have changed the way we drive, manoeuvre and park our cars. But, while many South Africans have come to rely on this piece of tech, there is little understanding surrounding how they actually work. We took long, hard look at the equipment to give you a better view of how it all works.

360-degree cameras: How do they work?

Essentially this piece of tech combines the efforts of cameras that are mounted all over your car.  There are normally four cameras – displaying a rear, front, left and right camera view – and they boast very wide-angle lenses. This is because the idea is to show the motorist as much information about what is happening around the car as possible.

Back camera

One of the cars boasting this piece of tech, is the

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Automotive industry members give recommendations to help keep your car out of the shop

PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Winter weather has taken its toll on cars in Central Illinois the past few weeks.

Local automotive industry members said keeping a car running properly during the winter can keep it out of the shop and help keep money in the wallet.

Austin Lasley, a service manager at Tires Plus in Peoria, said to look at the cold cranking amps on the vehicle’s battery. The rating could help when starting a car in the winter.

“The lower they get, the harder it is for it to start up in this cold weather, that’s what we’ve had a lot of today, getting batteries taken care of because we’re at negative temperatures this week,” said Lasley.

Many people find themselves heating up their cars before driving away. Beachler’s Vehicle Care & Repair Owner Terry Beachler said people might want to think twice about doing that.

“Somebody’s not gonna

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