How to get your car repaired at home


YourMechanic is one of a new breed of services that bring the auto repair shop to your driveway.

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Vehicle parts don’t last forever. Every so often, a moving part fails, and that’s just the way things go. Typically, this means dropping your car off for service and finding a way to get home, and the cost and time lost without a set of wheels can be a huge hassle. Thankfully, there’s another way to do this.

New mobile repair networks such as YourMechanic and Wrench (formerly known as Otobots) are trying to making automotive house calls the new normal. You book the service you want and the exact time you want it (no loose windows like the cable guy) and are given a firm price quote up front. If the job is harder than estimated, they eat the cost as long as it’s not due to complications

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Car makers demand smooth trade links ‘closer to home’ after Australia agreement

Car makers have called for smooth links “closer to home” following the UK’s free trade deal with Australia.

a person standing next to a car engine: Car makers have called for smooth links ‘closer to home’ following the UK’s free trade deal with Australia (Martin Rickett/PA)

© Martin Rickett
Car makers have called for smooth links ‘closer to home’ following the UK’s free trade deal with Australia (Martin Rickett/PA)

Figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) show the UK sold 20,000 cars to Australia in 2019, compared with 578,000 to the EU.

A Downing Street statement claimed the agreement with Australia means car makers in the Midlands and northern England will see “tariffs of up to 5% cut, boosting demand for their exports”.

SMMT chief executive Mike Hawes said: “Australia is an important growth market and the industry welcomes the agreement in principle of a trade deal between the two countries.

Video: Equinor Targets Renewables Investment by 2030 (Bloomberg)

Equinor Targets Renewables Investment by 2030



“If tariffs can be

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Ex-Firefighter Gifted New Job, Car, Home After His Modest Facebook Appeal

A former firefighter who lived out of his car after developing PTSD and alcoholism after a traumatic shift, was gifted a new car and a job after asking his local Michigan community for help over Facebook.

JD Edgington was looking for a place to shower and launder his clothes when he decided to post to the Grand Haven Informed community Facebook group, asking for suggestions.

“I just posted on there asking for laundry and a shower,” he told KVUE. “And within 24 hours, I had a job and a vehicle.”

Edgington moved to Michigan from Iowa, where he took up a job as a firefighter. He said a traumatic call two years ago “messed him up” and left him unable to continue working.

“I was a firefighter living my dream job with the world at my feet,” he wrote in a Facebook post on February 12. “One night is

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8 of the best spin bikes to help you smash your cardio goals from home

If you’re starting to miss your spin classes, or just want to up your cardio, the good news is that spin bikes aren’t just for the gym – you can get ones that are perfect for home workouts too.

It’s not as easy as just popping out for a run when it’s rainy and miserable outside. And if cycling is your cardio of choice going for a bike ride in those kinds of conditions can be downright dangerous. Getting a spin bike for the home makes it easier than ever to fit in a workout, whether it be before work, between meetings, or after the kids have gone to bed. Exercise bikes can be found to fit a variety of budgets and living arrangements, so keep scrolling through to see our top 8 spin bikes for 2021 you can buy on Amazon.

Weighing in at only 12kg and able to

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