The Work Trucks of Iditarod

Talk to an Iditarod musher and they’ll wax on about their dogs. Dogs, in fact, are the true heroes of the legendary sled dog race known as The Last Great Race on Earth. The Iditarod attracts the most famous names in the sport to contend in a race against time and extreme arctic winter conditions, on a trail of more than 1,000 miles over some of the most remote and severe wilderness terrain in the nation. Televised around the globe, the Iditarod is the most popular sporting event in Alaska. Committed to traditional culture and the preservation of this historical race, it traces its roots to the most famous event in Alaskan mushing. The “Great Race of Mercy” was the 1925 dog-relay run from Seward to Nome to deliver serum, when a diphtheria epidemic threatened this isolated town, located on the edge of the Bering Sea. Today, the race travels

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