Junkyard Gem: 1992 Lexus SC 400

After Toyota stunned the automotive world with the Lexus LS 400 in 1989, offering a majestically engineered luxury sedan with an all-new DOHC V8 at less than half the cost of its Mercedes-Benz 560 SEL rival, what could be done to follow that (other than a money-printing Lexus-badged Camry, that is)? Clearly, the missing piece of the Lexus branding puzzle at the time was a sports coupe, something to extract the money of car shoppers considering, say, a new Mercedes-Benz 300 CE or Acura Legend coupe. That car turned out to be the Lexus SC, styled in California and known as the third-generation Toyota Soarer in Japan. Here’s one of the very first SCs sold in the United States, found in a Denver-area self-service yard last month.

These cars had intimidatingly good build quality (I know, because I dismantled a ’92 SC 400 down

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Lexus has most reliable car of 2022, Tesla has ‘problems’

Too much of a good thing can translate into unreliability on the road.

Several luxury automotive brands that stuffed a lot of budding technology into their vehicles – including Tesla, Lincoln, Genesis and Mercedes-Benz – rank toward the bottom of the Consumer Reports Auto Reliability Report for 2022.

The annual ranking, which is closely followed as an index for quality, uses data from more than 300,000 vehicles to project reliability scores for the major brands and individual vehicles. It assesses the past three years of each model’s performance unless that vehicle has been redesigned during the period, in which case it uses data from the latest generation.

For the 2022 model year, Toyota luxury brand Lexus returned to the top spot among the 28 ranked brands. Mazda, which dethroned Lexus in 2021, ranks second, and the Toyota brand ranks third. Infiniti is fourth, and Buick is fifth.

►Is it

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Lexus customizes 10 cars as characters from ‘Eternals’

Lexus has vanda — uh, customized — ten cars to go along with “Eternals,” the latest movie in the Marvel cinematic universe. Each vehicle has been chosen to represent one of ten heroes from the story, wrapped in colorful designs that Lexus says reflect their costumes and powers.

We suppose that if you’re an immortal being that needs to be embodied in automotive form, a Lexus isn’t a bad choice given their reputation for long-term reliability. But, if you’ve been living among Earthlings for 7,000 years and are trying to lay low, maybe a brightly colored car with gold underglow isn’t the most effective stealth mode.

Some of the cars are quite appropriate. Thena, incarnated as a white and gold Lexus LC500, seems like a perfect embodiment of Angelina Jolie’s character’s power and elegance. Similarly, the red RC F Track Edition representing Makkari, played by Lauren Ridloff, is a

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Lexus to preview design direction for EVs with new concept

Current Lexus models have some of the biggest grilles of any vehicle in production, with the design, known as the spindle grille, having grown to become a signature trait of the brand.

But battery-electric vehicles don’t require huge openings at the front so Lexus has decided to rethink how it can redefine its brand-defining grille as it prepares to rollout EVs.

We’ll get a preview of the new look for Lexus’ future EVs via a concept set to be unveiled this spring. Lexus revealed a new teaser shot of the concept on Monday, which looks to show the vehicle’s rear. An earlier shot showed the front of the concept, which looks to feature a sealed-off spindle grille forming the front fascia. We’ve already been given a taste of the design direction with 2019’s LF-30 Electrified concept.

The new concept’s reveal will mark the arrival of a new generation of Lexus

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