Crazy Man Supercharges Wife’s SUV Without Her Knowing

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This devoted husband has decided to show what he will do for love by supercharging his wife’s Cadillac Escalade, her reaction is hilarious.

The automotive side of YouTubers is chock full of crazy car enthusiasts with a passion for speed doing things that anyone else would regard as insane. Whether it’s a younger guy buying his mom a Lamborghini for her birthday, the Hoonigan team building another insane muscle car, or one of Ken Block’sBlock’s various stunts, car enthusiasts never disappoint. However, it’s not every day that we get to see a true automotive legend take his wife’s car for a run on the dyno. But, of course, that was not all he did, as his plan was to surprise her with a shiny new supercharger on top of their completely stock family hauler. While he is hesitant to call the vehicle a

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Man charged with murder in 2 killings outside Indiana plant

Factory Shooting Indiana (Clinton County Sheriffâs Office)

Factory Shooting Indiana (Clinton County Sheriffâs Office)

A man suspected of fatally shooting a woman and her granddaughter outside a central Indiana automotive seating plant where all three worked was formally charged with murder Friday, and prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty if he’s convicted.

Gary C. Ferrell II, 26, faces two counts of murder and one count each of criminal confinement with a deadly weapon, resisting law enforcement and carrying a handgun without a license.

The Frankfort man was arrested Wednesday following a high-speed car chase after the fatal shootings outside NHK Seating of America where police said he had worked a day shift.

Ferrell is accused of killing co-workers Promise Mays, 21, and her grandmother, Pamela Sled, 62, both of nearby Rossville, in the plant’s parking lot as they arrived late Wednesday afternoon for their evening shifts.

Ferrell, who remains incarcerated at the Clinton County Jail without

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2150-Pound T.50 Supercar Much Better Than McLaren F1, Says Man Who Designed Both

From Car and Driver

  • Gordon Murray Automotive is delaying the launch of its three-seat supercar, the T.50, because of COVID-19, but will build the first prototype in September, with the first customers getting them in January 2022.
  • The T.50 will have a Cosworth-built naturally aspirated 650-hp 4.0-liter V-12, yet the car will weigh less than a Mazda Miata.
  • Gordon Murray told C/D that 40 percent of the T.50’s buyers so far are people under age 45, who may have had posters of his McLaren F1 on their walls as teens. “This is their F1,” he said.

UPDATE 7/22/20: Gordon Murray Automotive has released a cutaway drawing (pictured below) of the 4.0-liter V-12 that will power the upcoming T.50 supercar.

Photo credit: Gordon Murray Design

A fresh addition to the growing list of things the coronavirus pandemic has denied us: the first look at Gordon Murray’s forthcoming T.50

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