1967 Chevrolet Chevelle Is From The Greatest Generation Of Muscle Cars

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This first generation Chevelle boasts the best options of its time for a super rare buyer’s opportunity.

The first generation of Chevelle is possibly the most iconic and formidable vehicle to ever grace the American automotive sales floor. With a wide variety of potent V8 engines, a style that couldn’t be beaten, and an exhaust note reminiscent of a violent orchestral piece, these cars quickly rose to the top of the American automotive enthusiast hierarchy. Speed was the name of the game, and everything else was just extra for the vehicle, so it’s incredible that even today, the Chevelle is still one of the best-looking cars ever produced. Of course, being car enthusiasts, we already know this information, but there is a significant reason you might want to be reminded of the Chevelle’s excellence.

This 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle is in pretty much perfect

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Dodge Electric Muscle Car Will Sound Shocking

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Hey, this is according to the CEO of Stellantis, so it must be true…

Stellantis, which if you didn’t get the memo before is the owner of Dodge now, really, really wants you to get super excited for its upcoming all-electric muscle car. You need to be excited about that instead of worrying about the death of the Hellcat engine as well as the end of Hemis in any Dodges. Instead of looking at the man behind the curtain, pay attention to the shiny new thing that’s promised but you don’t get to actually see at the moment.

See why something seems suspicious about Dodge’s future electric muscle car here.

With that in mind, Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares let the media know recently that Dodge is creating a “shocking” sound for the electric muscle car to make. “We are creating a sound

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Dodge’s Electric Muscle Car To Make “Shocking” Sound: Stellantis CEO

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares promises that Dodge’s upcoming electric muscle car will produce a “shocking” sound.

The executive says the Dodge team is working on creating a sound worthy of accompanying the brand’s new age of performance. According to the company’s market research cited by Tavares, younger consumers in their 30s are open to the idea of electric muscle. 

As the Hellcat era comes to a close, the unmistakable sound of the supercharged V8 has to be replaced by something equally visceral, Stellantis’ CEO suggested during a media roundtable Tuesday attended by Automotive News.

“We are creating a sound that you cannot imagine. It’s something that is shocking. After they create the sound, they are thinking about how they make the sound louder and more powerful in function of the way you are using the car.”

Dodge muscle car buyers certainly like their rides to make a

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The History Of The American Muscle Car

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These machines inspired millions of automotive enthusiasts hungry for performance but many don’t understand the history behind the cars.

The automotive world is full of history in every corner of the world, from the drifters of Japan to the road racers of Germany. Still, one particular nation’s passion for all things automotive exceeds all others. That country is the beautiful United States Of America, and there is undoubtedly a ton of history in our nation’s automotive past. Most people know the US for the great muscle cars and pony cars whose primary concern is the drag strip, but not everybody knows the incredible story behind these power-hungry cars.

The first actual muscle car is thought to have been created in 1949 with the invention of a little-known performance vehicle, the Oldsmobile Rocket 88. This car was incredibly influential in the automotive industry as

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