Coyote Swapped 1985 F-150 Is The Ultimate Muscle Truck

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This vehicle is the epitome of what a custom truck should be as it boasts plenty of power and style to impress any enthusiast.

There are three incredible facets of modification in the automotive community that make up the ridiculous world of aftermarket customization. These are small trucks, air suspension, and V8 engine swaps, as they have proven to be an incredible platform for you to begin building your dream vehicle. The small truck aspect is a prevalent subject of discussion within the automotive community because of its astonishing abundance and a high potential for some great customization. This particular truck is a fantastic example because it takes all three aspects mentioned above of automotive customization. So what makes this tiny truck one of the most astonishing automotive creations ever to hit the internet?

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First up,

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8 Impressive Restomod Muscle Car Builds

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While there is a lot of worth in a perfect number’s matching car, restomods offer the best of all worlds.

When people first started ‘restomodding’, the car community was somewhat skeptical about the trend. However, after seeing what kinds of builds have come out of the practice, this way of automotive modification and building has become a mainstay in the car community. Here are some of the coolest muscle cars that were made as a result of the restomod niche.

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1969 Charger Defector 2.0

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We could write several features on Ring Brothers’ builds alone. At the 2017 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Ringbrothers showed up with a murdered-out, heavily-modified 1969 Dodge Charger named “Defector.” People were really excited about the muscle car since it took a beloved model and improved on it while preserving

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More Women Muscle In on the World of Vintage Cars

Armed with a welding torch and bolstered by a college grant, a GoFundMe account and help from some enthusiastic classmates, she entered the 2017 Grassroots Motorsports Challenge in Florida, scoring a respectable seventh-place finish and coverage in The Wall Street Journal, Autoweek and other national media.

Last year, Ms. Hackenberg earned her official Sports Car Club of America racing license. She is training as a mechanic at Arrow McLaren SP, a firm in Indianapolis that competes in the Indianapolis 500 and IndyCar Series races.

Whether their interest lies in vintage motorsports, automotive preservation and collecting, or all of the above, “more and more young women want to participate,” said Theresa Gilpatrick, former longtime executive director of the Ferrari Club of America. She urges younger women to “go for it” and added: “Get on LinkedIn, search for women in the niche you’re interested in. Reach out and don’t be bashful.”

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1969 Chevy Chevelle SS 396 Is A Muscle Car Dream

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Big block power moves this Chevelle.

In many ways, certain cars can perfectly define a generation. For the 1960’s it didn’t get more iconic than the Chevelle SS. A large displacement engine, simple but accommodating interior, and sporty style is what made the muscle car era and Chevy’s arguably most successful nameplate had everything you’d want to slide behind the wheel to experience.

Although the purist might disagree, one of the coolest features to come out of this part of automotive history was that the cars were highly customizable. This led to many examples being modified which, for the consumer, did two things. One, it skyrocketed the value of original examples and, two, it left the automotive world with some truly awesome custom examples.

Take this red and black 1969 Chevelle SS 396 for example. It goes further than even Chevy did

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