1969 Camaro Boasts Double COPO Options

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This incredible car utilized one of the most secretive programs in Chevy history to become a drag strip beast!

If you were around in the 1960s, then you’ll understand exactly what this car meant for the American automotive racing world. However, if you happen to be part of the younger generation, try to put yourself in the shoes of your elders. You show up to the track in your brand new ’67 Chevy Camaro SS with a roaring V8 knowing that you could wipe the floor with any other vehicle on the road. You pull up to the starting position when you look over only to see what looks like your exact same car. “Our cars are matched, this is all about skill, and I got this!” you say to yourself. Except this is not an ordinary SS or even a ZL1. Instead,

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Vehicle options for aging canine companions

Dear Car Talk:

My 13-year-old, 75-pound rescue golden retriever can’t get in my 2005 GMC Yukon anymore. Unfortunately, she won’t use either the steps or the ramp I got for her.

She had been able to put her front paws in the car, and then I would lift her butt. However, she won’t put her front paws up anymore, and I can’t lift her (she does take meds for arthritis).

I tried using a 6-inch-high platform, but it slipped, she slipped, and then I slipped and landed on my butt. I’m 77 years old; 5 foot, 1 inch and shrinking; and 120 lbs. My pocketbook with my phone was in the car, as well as the garage door remote. If I had been hurt, I could have been there for days.

She’s so excited when she knows I’m going out and looks so disappointed when I leave her home, so

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Get ready to compromise as chip shortage limits options, raises prices

In the age of seemingly endless options for cereal, condiments and candies, choice is often taken for granted.

But these days, choice is a luxury when it comes to buying a new or used vehicle.

With the global semiconductor chip shortage hobbling automotive production, vehicle availability is constrained and prices are soaring as automakers are struggling to keep up with demand.

The upshot for consumers shopping for a new or used vehicle during the July 4 holiday weekend is that flexibility is paramount.

That is, embrace the Rolling Stones philosophy: You can’t always get what you want.

Chip shortage hobbles availability

“The No. 1 thing – and it will be really obvious when people show up at the dealership lot – is there simply won’t be the selection you’re accustomed to,” said Ivan Drury, analyst at car research site Edmunds.

Consumer Reports: These are the 10 most and

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Equipment Finance & Leasing Options

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What are the best jobs in finance?

Highest paying finance jobs 1. Investment banker. National average salary: $61,929 per year.

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