7 Stocks to Buy as Used Car Prices Hit a Perfect Storm in 2022

Although cryptocurrencies have generated substantial intrigue and controversy, it may not be the most absurd bull market of stocks to buy right now. Instead, this dubious honor could belong to the used car market.

If you look at the Manheim index for used car prices, its upward trajectory exceeds that of benchmark equities indices and even certain cryptos. Thus, automotive-related stocks to buy have been big winners in the year recently passed.

However, the utterly ridiculous skyrocketing of used vehicles – which in turn accelerated prices of new cars as well – creates massive risks. Basically, what goes up must come down. Thus, analysts at KPMG warn that once global supply chains sort themselves out and the economic machinery starts churning again, used car prices could plummet, perhaps by 20% to 30%. No question exists that auto-related stocks to buy are incredibly speculative at this point.

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2006 Porsche 911 Carrera S Convertible Is The Perfect German Sports Machine

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This car could be the next addition to your sporty automotive collection as it provides you with tons of driving fun and a deep appreciation for German Automotive history.

The Porsche 911 is world-renowned for its ability to provide the driver with tons of fun around corners and straights alike, focusing on the driving experience. These over-engineered pieces of German automotive history are the pinnacle of European performance. They utilize a formula formed over 59 years of dominating virtually every European and international racing series track. With that long history of growing and winning under its belt, the 911 has become one of the most excellent sports coupes ever to see the road and track. Another type of automobile whose primary focus is on driving fun is the convertible which allows you to feel the flowing wind through your hair at high speeds

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How a perfect storm of shortages and rental car chaos sent used-car prices skyrocketing

Cars sit outside a used car dealership with spray paint on the windows advertising the vehicles.

Used car and truck dealers have bought models for more than their original sticker price. Jim Watson / AFP via Getty Images

  • Used-car prices have skyrocketed over the last year.

  • A supply crunch in new cars is spurring demand for used models.

  • Prices may not return to normal for at least a year, one expert told Insider.

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If you’re looking to get a sweet deal on a used car to take advantage of the warm summer weather, it’s not going to happen.

The market for secondhand cars is absurdly and unprecedentedly hot right now. Used vehicles went for a whopping 40% more in June than they did before the pandemic in February of 2020, according to data from JPMorgan.

The average nine-year-old car changed hands for $13,250 in June, according to automotive research site Edmunds. That’s a 30% hike over the same

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‘Perfect storm’ of chip shortage, soaring demand pushes used car prices to new highs

Canadian car shoppers hoping to buy a used vehicle ahead of a summer road trip can expect two things: Fewer options and higher prices.

a close up of a car

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A global shortage of semiconductors, a small but crucial computer chip used in new vehicles, has curtailed production for months.


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The situation has sent shock waves through the North American auto industry, causing lengthy wait times for new vehicles and driving up the demand and cost of used vehicles.

The problem is expected to worsen in Canada in the coming weeks as the economy reopens and pent up demand from repeated lockdowns hits the market, experts say. 

“The impact of the shortage has been slightly muted in Canada so far this year, mainly due to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions,” said James Hancock, director of business development for Canadian Black Book, an automotive data analytics company.

New car inventory is

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