Subaru’s 2022 WRX performance sedan follows in earlier version’s footsteps

LOS ANGELES (KABC) — Subaru has an all-new car for 2022 that’s also a bit of an automotive legend. The Subaru WRX is a high-performance sedan with a sort of cult following, and its roots go back to the dawn of the millennium.

It was early 2001 when Subaru originally brought the WRX to the U.S., after it had been on sale in Asia and Europe for years. More than two decades after that original North American debut, an all-new WRX is arriving for a new era.

The new fifth-generation WRX is larger and roomier than the 2002 version, and of course heavier. To pull the extra size and weight, the turbo engine is also larger, with much more power and torque. The earlier WRX was considered very powerful with 227 horsepower, and the newest version offers 271. The inside features safety and convenience technology not even dreamed of in

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Honda Civic leads performance, style

There’s barely an automaker in the world that wouldn’t trade its compact car for the Honda Civic. But only Honda makes the Civic, which built on a 50-year record of excellence with the 2022 model, now on sale.

The Civic seems destined to be one of America’s best-selling cars in perpetuity. Priced within reach of first-time buyers, the 2022 model is loaded with advanced safety features and comes in a range that stretches from the rite-of-passage affordable first new car to sporty models that have inspired generations of young car lovers.

Honda heaps on the safety on driver assistance features, including adaptive cruise control with low-speed automatic braking; automatic high beams; collision alert; lane departure alert and assist; traffic sign recognition; blind spot alert and cross traffic alerts.

2022 Free Press SUV of the Year: Ford Bronco brings new ideas and tech to off-roading

2022 Free Press Truck of the

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The Ultimate In Early Mustang High Performance

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Ford revolutionized the automotive world with the Mustang and shortly after that it revolutionized the model and segment it had built with the K-Code Fastback.

In 1964, the Mustang created an all new segment in the automotive market. Attention was immediate and profound, and the Mustang quickly became one of America’s favorite cars. With three assembly plants working around the clock to accommodate the market, Ford added to its successes with an all new K-Code Fastback model in 1965. The K-Code 2+2 Fastback Mustang featured a 271-­horsepower 289-cid High-Performance V8 engine topped with a special Autolite four­-barrel carburetor from the factory, implementing solid valve lifters and a 10.5:1 compression ratio.

This 1965 K-Code 2+2 Fastback Mustang being sold by Stephen Becker Automotive Group is a true example of what Ford had to offer in 1965. It is finished in an exclusive Caspian Blue

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How To Conquer BMW’s Performance Driving School As A Beginner


One of my several shining steeds of the day. Yes, I got to be car No. 3 for Dale.
Photo: Elizabeth Blackstock

There’s a certain pressure when you show up to car-related events as an automotive journalist, and I definitely felt that as I introduced myself to my group at BMW’s Performance Driving School in Thermal, California. We were all about to take on the single-day M Driving School program, and we were coming at it from all different experience levels, since I was basically just crashing a regular ol’ event.

But still. You say you write about cars, and there’s a certain expectation—even though I was sure to preface the situation by noting that I’ve previously had about ten whole minutes of on-track experience.

I was thankful, then, when both BMW’s instructors and my fellow drivers were extremely chill about my status as long-ish-time car journalist but inexperienced

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