1988 Cizeta-Moroder V16T Boast Potent Power On A One Of A Kind Frame

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This incredible car is a unique beast from the days of Italian supercar domination.

Italian Supercars are some of the most sought-after vehicles within the automotive industry for their incredible power output, tight handling, and emphasis on all things performance. Practicality is a luxury that these cars can afford to lose with their ridiculous price tags and beautifully crafted exterior and interior coupe design. While many vehicles can give you a lot of power, or luxury, or a sleek design, the supercar seeks to combine all of these aspects. It should go without saying that Italy is most often the frontline for producing these great cars. This car is a perfect example of that distinct focus on power and design that the nation is known for.

This new canyon carver from 1988 was the first Cizeta-Moroder V16T ever to be produced as it

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Best car power inverter for 2021

Most modern cars, trucks and SUVs are packing a couple of USB ports, which is fine for charging a phone or two. But for drivers needing to charge larger electronics like laptops, cameras, drones or power tools, a USB port just won’t cut it — for big power on the go, you’ll need an inverter.

In-car power inverters come in various shapes and sizes with a variety of uses beyond just charging gadgets. An inverter can power a game console to keep the kids entertained on a long road trip. In an RV, inverters provide AC power for small home and kitchen appliances like blenders, toaster ovens, microwave ovens and more. A truck outfitted with a powerful enough inverter becomes a mobile work site that powers the tools and tech in remote locations.

Here are some of the best car power inverters on the market now based on user

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New First-Half Predictions from J.D. Power Show Strong Global Demand For Autos Continuing

Despite dwindling inventories on dealer lots, J.D. Power and LMC Automotive are predicting 12.4 percent global year-over-year new vehicle retail sales growth in June. The numbers are good news for automakers and dealerships who are feeling the effects of superconductor chip shortages and supply chain parts production issues.

“The recovery in global light-vehicle sales continued in May, with sales up 35 percent from May 2020,” said Jeff Schuster, president of Americas operations and global vehicle forecasts at LMC Automotive. “But the combination of various COVID-19-related restrictions and the semiconductor crisis is holding back the level of recovery.”

J.D. Power and LMC Automotive predict that retailers will sell 1,133,900 units in June, a 0.3 percent increase over June 2019 when adjusted for selling days. June 2021 and 2020 have the same number of selling days, which is one fewer than June 2019. Without adjusting for the number of sales days, volume

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Preliminary Investigation Into Porsche Taycan Power Loss

According to a recent report by Automotive News, NHTSA opened a preliminary investigation of 2020 and 2021 Porsche Taycan electric cars related to power loss. The report says the NHTSA’s Office of Defects Investigation has received nine complaints from Taycan owners related to the issue. Six complaints also state that the car wouldn’t restart after the power loss.

Editor’s Note: Porsche reached out to InsideEVs with the following comment:

“Firstly, our first priority is the safety of anyone travelling in one of our cars. We are aware of nine customer complaints and have, as a result, received the NHTSA inquiry, which is a routine part of their oversight process. We are already underway in addressing this issue and look forward to answering NHTSA’s questions and quickly resolving the underlying issue, should one be confirmed. All Taycans remain safe to drive – we are not aware of accidents reported in

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