Sony’s AI Drives a Race Car Like a Champ

Takuma Miyazono began driving virtual race cars at age 4, when his father brought home the highly realistic motorsport game Gran Turismo 4. Sixteen years later, in 2020, Miyazono became the Gran Turismo world champion, winning an unprecedented “triple crown” of esports motor racing events. But he had never faced a Gran Turismo driver quite like GT Sophy, an artificial intelligence developed by Sony and Polyphony Digital, the studio behind the Gran Turismo franchise.

“Sophy is very fast, with lap times better than expected for the best drivers,” he says via a translator. “But watching Sophy, there were certain moves that I only believed were possible afterward.”

Video games have become an important sandbox for AI research in recent years, with computers mastering a growing array of titles. But Gran Turismo represents a significant new challenge for a machine.

In contrast to board games that AI has mastered, such

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Potent Race Horse From 1964 Trots To Auction With Classic GTO Style

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After years of searching for the right owner, this restored muscle car is the perfect addition to your classic car collection!

Few things from the 1960s were as iconic as the idea of a big V8 engine in a midsize car with a manual transmission. That is, of course, except for the Pontiac GTO, whose incredible curvy figure has become an instantly recognizable symbol of individual freedom and American pride. The sheer grit that it took to build the car in the first place was incredible because of GM’s strict ban on performance vehicles. Thankfully, these cars were top-rated upon initial release and sparked a movement of muscle cars and pony cars whose fame continued to grow and has since reached proportions previously thought impossible. We would all love to get our hands on one of these things as car enthusiasts, but

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Developing Today’s Race Cars in a 123-Year-Old Tunnel

Photo credit: Charlie Magee - Car and Driver

Photo credit: Charlie Magee – Car and Driver

From the December 2021 issue of Car and Driver.

Understanding how cars move through air is crucial to automotive design. Wind tunnels, rooms with a controlled airflow to help measure and visualize aero action, have been around for more than a century. Automakers have increased their size and added a rolling road (a treadmill-like floor) in an attempt to replicate real-world movement. But a lab is, and always will be, a stand-in for the real thing.

Rob Lewis, an aerodynamicist who has worked on Formula 1 cars and Olympic bicycles, is a founder of TotalSim, a computational-fluid-dynamics company in the U.K. He was frustrated by the limitations and costs of the tunnel facilities, finding them to be outside the working budgets of most small companies and racing teams. Testing at such places could rack up $50,000 a day in rental

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Automotive Crypto Company Carnomaly Honors Two Individuals’ Cancer Battles with Special Paint Design at NASCAR Race | News

PLANO, Texas, Oct. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Carnomaly (www.carnomaly.io), the world’s leading automotive crypto company announces they will be honoring two individuals and their journeys battling cancer for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in partnership with NASCAR Cup Series veteran Landon Cassill and Gaunt Brothers Racing (GBR) with a special paint design for the No. 96 Toyota Camry car. In addition to highlighting these incredible survivors journeys, Carnomaly will also be donating to one of the individual’s college fund.

On Sunday, October 3rd Carnomaly will highlight Trisha Fennell, the sister-in-law of Carnomaly founder and CEO Scott Heninger, and 12-year-old Avery Pacheco. Fennell is a two-time breast cancer survivor who was first diagnosed in October 2018 and Pacheco was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in August 2019. The car will feature pink and gold ribbons along both sides – pink for breast cancer and

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