Guide to Remove and Replace Your Car Battery Safely

Changing your car battery is one of the easiest maintenance jobs you can do yourself. However, there are some complications and research to be done before you replace the battery. To find out the right battery for your car, you can always check the current battery specs, the owner’s manual, or refer to a car buying website that offers plenty of specs and other info.

Before we delve into the procedures, we need a basic understanding of automotive batteries and how they work. Modern cars including gas, diesel, and even electric run on a 12V system. Unfortunately, cars still use regular lead-acid batteries because of their low cost and easy availability. Compared to the lithium-ion batteries used by modern smartphones and other electronics, lead-acid batteries are capable of storing a lot of charge and output high output for short periods of time, making them perfect for use in cars. 


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How to sell a car in a pandemic, and do it safely

Selling a car privately has long been a way for people to potentially get more money for their vehicle compared to trading it in to a dealership. But it’s always been a laborious process. You need to photograph your car from all angles, create ads, take calls and texts from strangers, and then meet them so they can test-drive your car and complete the deal. Add potential exposure to COVID-19 during in-person interactions and suddenly selling your vehicle this way can be downright unappealing.

So what are your options? Edmunds’ experts have highlighted three ways to more comfortably sell your vehicle amid the pandemic. Note that none of these options get rid of human interaction, but they are more of a known quantity and you’d deal with fewer people overall.


This option will be most useful for people who already planned on buying

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