How To Conquer BMW’s Performance Driving School As A Beginner


One of my several shining steeds of the day. Yes, I got to be car No. 3 for Dale.
Photo: Elizabeth Blackstock

There’s a certain pressure when you show up to car-related events as an automotive journalist, and I definitely felt that as I introduced myself to my group at BMW’s Performance Driving School in Thermal, California. We were all about to take on the single-day M Driving School program, and we were coming at it from all different experience levels, since I was basically just crashing a regular ol’ event.

But still. You say you write about cars, and there’s a certain expectation—even though I was sure to preface the situation by noting that I’ve previously had about ten whole minutes of on-track experience.

I was thankful, then, when both BMW’s instructors and my fellow drivers were extremely chill about my status as long-ish-time car journalist but inexperienced

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Buy the Car You Loved in High School (Without Losing Your Shirt)

A few decades late, you’ve finally got the cash to buy the car you coveted in high school. You can picture yourself behind the wheel, finally looking really cool. But do you have any idea what you’re getting yourself into?

a man sitting in a car: Here’s how the experts say to make your classic dream car a reality.

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Here’s how the experts say to make your classic dream car a reality.

“I tell people, ‘Cool your heels, you’ve waited this long, find the best one you can,” says John DiPietro, editor for classic car dealer Carroll Street Auto in Manchester, New Hampshire, and former automotive editor at


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Nothing about buying your dream car will be easier than buying a new car. For example, most banks usually don’t finance expensive 20-year-old collector cars. You’ll need cash or a really low-interest personal loan. And without special classic car insurance, it’s valued as just another old beater if it gets totaled.

And keep

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Summit Racing Equipment remains official partner of Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course and The Mid-Ohio School

LEXINGTON — As the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course opens its gates for its 60th season with activities for the very first time this weekend, it will do so with the continued support from Summit Racing Equipment.

The Ohio-based company dubbed as “The World’s Speed Shop®” has renewed its commitment as the official high performance source of the legendary road course in Lexington, Ohio, and also for The Mid-Ohio School. 

Started in Stow, Ohio, Summit Racing Equipment was founded as a part-time business in 1968. The automotive parts company now sells product lines from over 1,500 manufacturers available in stock at its four retail locations in Georgia, Nevada, Ohio and Texas or the online store at 

“We are very fortunate to have the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in our backyard. The facility draws racers and spectators from around the world, and it’s truly a bucket list track,” said Jim Greenleaf,

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Innovative automotive education at Louisa County High School | News

One of Louisa County High School’s main goals is to send students off into the world with real-world skills. Many students drive yet know nothing about car maintenance or what to do when there is a flat tire or loose bolt.

Junior Jacob Bundrick was at home one day playing a video game called “Car Mechanic Simulator,” when he was struck with an idea. 

“Car Mechanic Simulator is an immersive simulator game that puts you in the role of a mechanic, who owns a shop and completes car maintenance and repair jobs,” Bundrick said. 

After Jacob’s father Bo Bundrick, the schools’ director of Career and Technical Education and Workforce Development, walked in on him one day playing the game, they realized that it was not only fun but could be implemented in more ways than just entertainment. 

“The game is very in-depth and accurate to how mechanics operate in the

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